Essence of Sri Rama Kalyanam

Regarding sri rama  navami :
Once a salt doll wanted to measure the depth of the ocean and went into exploring it, but little did it know it that it will merge itself in the infinite ocean and cannot be measurable .
Salt doll —- people
Measuring : rama Nama

When jiva takes the name of rama again and again and again  with pure love .he will merge into infinity .
All existing name called rama is expressed through that jiva in a limited view.
When RAma and Sitamma got married so long ago , why does he celebrate kalyanam every year followed by rama pattabhishekam. ??????
After all a person gets married once and celebrates marriage day every year , but why is rama getting kalyanam every year ??
Is there a spiritual secret and symbolic meaning to the sequence of execution of this rituals ????
Absolutely yes, that’s what the real purposes of all itihasas and Puranas are.
Ramayanam is a itihasam.
They are not mere stories and cannot be taken literally.
When performing rituals, understands the symbolic higher meaning behind it them , than the higher essence is readable in this life time.
Rama means eeshwara, Sitamma means jiva, when jiva merges his limited self just like that salt doll into INFINTE eeswara , there is infinite and inexpressible joy , in expressible joy …….  That joy is called kalyanam.
It’s a call for sadhana.
And now that jiva is merged into EESHWARA ,let him rule the jiva, this is called sarAnagathi—- self surrender , that’s th hurst essence of love , that’s what Sita Amma stands for.
Now that we gave all of ourselves to EESHWARA and asked him to rule our hearts the symbolic meaning of rama pattabhishekam .
Rama is in our hearts ruling us every microsecond as our breaths and subtle breaths , he is keeping us alive to give us a chance to know himself.
Let’s merge ourselves into him, that’s why we are born , the unrealized will be born again and again and suffering  never ends.
Every festival in india carries a higher spiritual call
Cherish it love it and feel the eternal love of EESHWARA .
Wit that with lots of love ,! I wish you all sri rama navami subhakankshalu
Rama means Eeshwara or paramatma

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