Essense of Ugadi

Dear Family,

Yugādi,Ugādi ,Samvatsarādi is called with multiple names across India and some parts of outside India as well, BUT THE ESSENCE is the same.

(Telugu: Ugadi, Kannada: Yugadi, Konkani/Marathi: yugādi and Gudi padwa in Marathi, In some parts of India it is known as Vikram Samvat or Bhartiya Nav Varsh. Rajasthan- Thapna, Sindhis- Cheti Chand, Manipuris -Sajibu nongma panba, Punjab-Baisakhi , Himachal Kullu Vally – seri Saja , Tamil Nadu -Puthandu and West Bengal -Pohela Boishakh , Kerala- Vishu ,In Mauritius, Hindus of Bali and Indonesia also celebrate their new year on the same day as Nyepi)

Ugadi – as per Shastra, It’s a beginning of new era, it is the day Brahma started the creation of the Universe.   New era of what??? Didn’t we see new beginnings last year; are we not going to see again next year? , So what does it mean new beginning every time? Science and Shastra’s says age of the universe is 13.8 Billion years and it also says, this is not the first time universe came into existence, this is only one of its existence, that means it dissolved before 13.8 billion years and came again, and it will dissolve again in some billion years and it will be created again and manifestation happens again, it’s a cyclic loop, not linear time cycle with Uni – Dimensional model. Unfortunately festivals of today became entertainment and enjoyment, with name sake spirituality added to it, and now it became a spiritual entertainment, in the name of panchanga sravanam, wonderful foods, new clothes etc with the essence lost. There is a spiritual and Vedantic meaning behind everything we do during festivals time as per Sanathana Dharma, all connected to single and sole purpose of bringing all beings closer to divinity. The outward things that are done are symbolism and gestures of the Inner Bhava or Feeling. Ugadi has deep spiritual significance. Let us find out the real essence of Ugadi. Like all other festivals, which are created as per the teaching of Sanathana Dharma, there is a deep meaning, rational, order to the sequence of Ugadi festival.

Essence of Ugadi. While 95% of The Veda gives insight into Infinite Karmic Rituals, only 5 % or so gives insight into Tattva Jyana– the supreme reality of god. Accordingly the Tattva jyana says that the space time module itself is not real and it is relative reality not absolute reality. Than why did our rishis create a time based festival called “Yuga – Adi” (or UGADI). When the Time and Space dimensions are itself relative, than why are so many festivals created per each calendar year, obviously well mapped to Sanathana Dharma. They actually carry a deep spiritual call. Rishis Knew that mankind is stuck in ignorance and ignorance lives in time and space with very strong body identification, to start to towards a course of self-realization and get them diverted from there routine mundane lifestyle, they created festivals. Festivals not with Random dates and times, but something that maps very well to the body/mind physiology, planetary moments and nature around them That’s how the sequence of festivals also has significance. It indicates how to put in practice spiritual truths in life. Ugadi comes after Shivaratri and Holi. Shivaratri gives a call for waking up. Waking up from dream of empirical reality or relative reality. Holi – Killing our ignorance and destroying meaning less desires, Now that you are waked up and cleansed up, now start the new beginning called the Ugadi. Ugadi is the day; we create our universe with a new beginning with fresh SANKALPA to create a world in your mind of divine living as a sincere Sadhaka. By making a new beginning with this new Sankalpa, whatever action we perform becomes the positive karma. What we experience in life is our karmic forces. Mankind across the globe has been living in lots of negative thoughts and vibrations and bad sankalpas. We have a choice to create new universe in our minds for ourselves by right action. Action with right attitude. Action with right attitude is called Karmayoga. Action performed as service is called Yagna. Together gives the new beginiging called Ugadi

Essence of Panchangam,: It became an entertainment factor and expectations management factor as what is in the store for their destiny as per Panchangam, There is a meaning behind it. Panchanga sravanam done on the day of Yugadi, is done to respect Kalapurusha (Vishnu sahasra nama names god as Kala purusha).  Lord himself is the time.  Vedic Time is measured in 5 parts – Thiti, vara, nakshtra, karana and yoga. Worship of Kalapurusha is respecting time. Every moment available to us should be lived respecting time. Our bodies are given limited breaths for a certain period of time as a part of our evolutionary process.  Right evolutionary process happens by right actions and positive thinking. Just like a seed when sown and taken positive actions will grow to a healthy and green plant and then to a strong tree  and completes its self-less seva by giving shadow to a tired passenger or a animals etc., or give fruits, or nice air and then completes its phase. When the evolution of the tree goes by bad actions, the tree dies in its early stages and no chances of it becoming a healthy tree to perform its duty.  Same thing applies to Humans as well. Performing yagna and karmayoga is the right way to respect kalapurusha. Panchanga sravana is done for this purpose. Horoscope is nothing but our karmic influences. Yagna, karmayoga is the way to come out of karmic influences.

Wearing New Clothes: On Ugadi day, we wear new clothes. This is a reminder of Bhagavadgita sloka 2.20. We are not the body. We are Atma or Spirits. Body is like clothes to us. Like we drop the old clothes, we drop body and take new ones. “   vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya          navani grhnati naro ’parani     tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany               anyani samyati navani dehi “ Just as a person puts on new garments, and discards and gives up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old ones.

Foods: Ugadi day we eat jaggery and neem leaves in the form of Ugadi Chutney and Bakshalu to remind ourselves of the highest goal of enlightenment – Sthitaprajna state (Bhagavadgita 2.56). To be able to accept ups and downs of life with even mindedness is the highest achievement in life. “ duhkheshv anudvigna-manah              sukheshu vigata-sprihah        vita-raga-bhaya-krodhah sthita-dhir munir ucyate” He who is undisturbed in triumphs (Happy events) and disasters (Attachments, fears, angers, Frustrations, Jealousy, defeat etc.)  Is the steady minded one.

Why Ugadi doesn’t come on January 1st: Ugadi is greeted as New Year but it doesn’t come on the first of January. Ugadi follows the lunisolar system, chandramana – souramana panchanga calendar, a calendar based on the moon’s celestial motion, which has a direct connection with the way the human body is made. It connects you with the movements of the planet. Ugadi is the beginning of a new year as per the lunisolar calendar largely followed by the Indian people for many centuries. Calendar is designed in such way, the times reflects what it does to the human body /mind and consciousness. As shown in the picture below, the tilt of the globe at the pole axis renders the northern hemisphere to receive the highest amount of the Sun’s energy during the 21-day period that starts from Ugadi. Temperatures are hot during this time (In some of the tropical areas, that’s why people apply castor oil during these times to manage the heat), During this time the earth get charged up with new life and the scientist proved that the phytochemicals in the light radiation from the sun during this times are charged with photons that are so helpful not just for humans but for plants,animals and which directly and indirectly affects our bodies and minds.That’s why we see new leaves coming up, and sprouts budding in plants too. Ugadi is on the first day of the waxing moon after the first new moon post equinox, suggesting a new beginning.

Seasons sesons1 Gregorian and Lunisolar Calendar differences: The Gregorian Calendar or English Calendar, that is followed across the world is so Illogical that in the year 1582, the date was moved from Thursday, Oct. 4, 1582 to Friday, Oct. 15, 1582 as they could not accommodate the difference in the celestial motion of the moon around the earth and earth motion around the sun, they got a big difference and as they do not know what to do, they jumped up the dates by 11 days, so that Christmas always comes on December 25. That is the reason why we have almost same (30 or 31) days in a month except 28 days in February, all is the magic of Gregorian calendar, which ignores human experience in relation to the planetary movement. The lunisolar calendar takes into account the experience and impact that is happening to the human being and hence, the calendar is adjusted to latitudes.

Conclusion: Now that you know the significance and profoundness of our festival, the scientific nature of our Vedas and the intelligence and love that our rishis has for the mankind, please do pass it on to your future generations and lets start by not saying Hi and Hello to your fellow beings, but start saying “Namaskaram” with a sense that the living God is standing right in front of you. When you meet your fellow brother, don’t shake hand; if possible give him a brotherly hug. Just sharing a personal experience, when I met a decent stranger few years ago at a temple in India and after some Vedantic talk, we were departing, and instead of shaking hands, I suggested if I can give a brotherly hug. Little did I know……. the tears of love were flowing from his eyes. Til today he stands a good friend and god given brother of mine, Make all your relations godly as they are coming into your life not as a people, but as a living god in disguise to teach you something or to give you love. Hari Om Tat Sat

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