Virtual Satsangh Part 3

  1. Dear family

What a wonderful sri rama kalyanam celebration it was at our temple  yesterday .

But the word “kalyanam”, Reminds me of sri rama was in grisstashrama or a family life.

Ramayana being Such a popular itihasa,paints such a fixed image in our minds about rama ,

but when you read , understand and comtemplate ” yoga VAsista”, you will know a totally different picture of RAma.

He was total depressed person at age 17 ( even though by that age he had learnt so many vidyas and won kudos from everyone for his smartness and intelligence in various vidyas)

sometime living in loneliness away from people.

Well his thoughts just like any serious sadhaka was around……. What is this world??? What is God mean ???  Who IAM I actually ???

All those vidyas he learnt was in vain, because they weren’t answering him those highest and biggest and serious questions of his life???

Dasaradha was so worried for his favorite son , that’s when his parama guru VASISTA comes and starts teaching the brahma gyana.

Which moulds life of rama from a ordinary man to a divine man and a self realiZed brahma gyani.

Manavude madhavudu transformation .

As a brahma gyani , He does such a good job being a king, a husband, a son, a brother , a friend etc.

As a brahma gyani , a matter of fact he becomes father only after coming rescuing Sitamma from LANKA .

Almost same story with srikrishna , Study his life , he questioned the same at his tender years and know the truth  and he was a great king , husband , father, friend etc and never left his kingdom , but he is Brahma gyani too.

Same with janaka and  If you Study the lives of so

Many other other brahma gyanis like Thyagaraja, Ekanath, Narsi Mehta, Bhadrachalam Ramdas, annamacharya, Tukaram ,Namdev, Jayadeva, Chaitanya and Kabir  they are in  grihssta Ashrama as husbands  with families  and also they did a great job in there professions too.

Tukaram ji was a businessman , he did multiple dharmic and simple business , though a simple one , because he knows the brahma gyana.

There are so many misconceptions that some how creeped into our culture and mindsets, leading to confusions about brahma gyanis :

1.There is a common misconception in our societies that to be a Brahma gyani  and to learn the highest essence of EESHWARA , one has to run away into the mountains leaving professions , leaving wife and children , leaving family—— those are sanyasis belonging to sanyasashram , that’s comes after grihssta Asram in old ages.

2.i met some People who even think Brahma gyanis are dead vegetable and fit for nothing……. They are not dead vegetables , there minds work are so super fine state at higher realms and are so powerful they balance the nature that we complAin of rain , summer and snow etc

  1. They are mad people: they look like it because there Truths and the way they live are hard to digest for common man.
  1. Modern world will eat  them away:

They are so free from the modern and also the world , they don’t bite them , in fact brahma gyani smells the Modern person coming his way and Becomes alert , as his mind can grasp that.

5.they don’t have active life: some of brahma gyani’a are iAs officers and some ips officers , some vice president at big IT firms.

They are as active as normal people , except they are very very very different inside.

That’s why it’s hard to find them and recognize them as they don’t say anything and act unless a serious sadhaka with pure heart asks a QUESTION .

May the knowledge set us all free

Hari om

  1. We are all the same and wired the same way inside   And what we go through in life is no different from so many brahma gyanis mentioned above

Get ur misconceptions cleared and pursue higher , the divinity is in us all .

YOU DONT HAVE TO LEAVE you professions or families

3.Dear family

Iam not different from you and as a matter of fact no different from anyone .

We are all made of the same natural ingredients inside

We are all wired the same inside.

Once you know that , you don’t need google to find answers  or VEDANTA or write articles or books

All answers are in you and all articles in you and all VEDANTA is in you

Hari ohm

4.Dear god given lovely family,

One of the sadhaka asked a question on what is this inner voice ????

when the mouth is shut and tongue is at rest, I still hear a voice inside me   , sometimes making me guilty of something, sometimes making me feel good and sometimes during testing and difficult times , I hear two voices , one supporting the good and one supporting bad….. What is going on here ???

ANSWER: Its what is called as conscience in English .Its the spinning of the Mind.

Mind is located everywhere .It’s not the brain, brain is just the physical component at the physical realm stuck in our head.

Where as mind is everywhere .

Have you never wondered what’s the difference between brain and the

Mind ???

How does brain and mind communicate ????

People Use it everywhere , but don’t know the difference .

Even scientists don’t give a good clarity til date.

But VEDANTA gives a great answer and not just answer but lot of siddhas and miracles are done by some specialists when you know this secret.

Pure mind produces pure conscience .The pure conscience itself is the pure inner voice .

But the mind in its native state is not pure, it’s percentages of sattvika, rajho and tamo guna . For example a person may have 60 % sattvika , 30 % rajho guna , and 10% tamo guna.

His conscience or inner voice works accordingly , he will get good thoughts from his inner voice as his sattvika tattva is more, but will

Also get bad and greed stuff too as he does have tamo and rajho tattva too.

But what happens when he has total opposite numbers with more percentages of tamo and rajho tattva and less sattvika tattva, he will for sure turn up to be a monster or a robber or etc etc.

The whole entire world with jiva rasi is mapped as per the above concept,with

Quality of the Mind distributed as per those percentages of 3 gunas.

But self less service and performing loving actions through your sankalpA shakti and making friends with sattvika people and performing good deeds changes the percentages remarkably.

But the difficulty in the ordinary man is that the voice of the lower mind, the voice of the brutal instincts, is often misunderstood as the voice of conscience. As a result of such misunderstanding, guided by his animal tendencies, he commits colossal blunders, involving danger to others. It requires a great degree of purity and calmness of mind to listen to the true Inner Voice and execute the right thing.

now think ….can conscience not the mode by which we can listen to the inner Atman?

Feel the divinity in your hearts .

You are the walking temple.

Hari om tat sat

6.Murali ji,

Hope this helps for your question.

Alzheimer’s is a way to cope with the past. People who are gentle, wonderful ,loving and humble from outside , and have traumatic childhood in their past, go through lots of internal stress in there heads because of their past, as there was no healing from that trauma and they silently nurture negative vibrations in there subconscious minds.

So, They try to forcefully try to forget all the bad incidents etc.

Most of these patients hold a lot inside their heads. They were ones who never let out their anger—at least not all of it—or that never talked about their problems. They just buried them. So, when they get buried too long, the effects of the pressure built up shows up with characteristics of loss or decline in memory and other cognitive abilities,problem in thinking, changed behavior and emotional imbalance.

Gradually they develop forgetfulness, difficulties in language and finding ways, problems in calculations and declining personal hygiene too.

They were never told that this stuff that’s going into their minds all through the years is worthless or if they knew it from some guru or someone, they never took it seriously and they were never told to clean up the piled impressions and all the registry built up in the minds.

Believe me, there is enough trash that’s built up in the minds of humans these days, that it will take a life time of cleaning, which is  the cause of so much anger, frustration, irritation, depression, bi polar disorder.

Pranayama, Vedantic Sadhana, Gayatri, yoga asana, Meditation , Satsanghs, Company of good souls , a warm and friendly relations, loving nature and living in nature , Mental brain exercises like chess, sudoko, solving crosswords and participating in laughing social activities will cause cognitive remediation and help in stimulating nerve cells, those brain exercises also help to protect the existing nerve cells.

Mental illness is often the result of many lifetimes, many karmic events all rolled into one. And for the right person , who knows VEDANTA , it can be the last lifetime of mental illness for some lucky one’s.

Karma is based on karta and bhokta , though the Alzheimer patient doesn’t act based on facts , but does know when he is doing the right or wrong thing ….. For example He might forget a persons name but it doesn’t mean he cannot hurt someone or help some one , he consciously does the act, so his karmic evaluation is based in this  conscious acts .

Hari om

7.Dear family,

Lots of wonderful questions form a long conversation with one of the sadhaka yesterday , posting the conversation here:

Question # 1:

Why are we playdolls in the hands of god???

Why he wants to give birth and play like this if he is infinite love he can keep our souls with him or wld have prevented us from comitting sin in the first place???


We are never dolls , we are imagining that we are dolls due to ignorance .

Our inherent nature is already happiness , that’s our default state.but not sure why people are working so hard to become happy.

We think we are controlled by someone, and we don’t like to be controlled ,it’s our ego that’s resisting it. That’s why even little kids and adults say ….

“Hey stop Being bossy on me ok !!!!!”

And that’s why we think we are dolls , as dolls are under the control of someone .

God doesn’t try to be boss of anyone , he is your friend , who is always by your side helping you.

Only when you do some serious sadhana , you will understand this serious truth.

Once a woman asked Buddha…

Woman: oh sir , I WANT HAPPINESS , what should I do ??

Buddha said : it’s inside you already , you said your own solution just now.

Woman : how ?? I don’t understand ??

Buddha: remove ” I” from your statement , because thats EGO.

remove ” WANTS” from your statement above , because a wanting mind is a greedy mind and doesn’t actually know what it really wants  , it’s in endless loop of meaningless desires that can never stop.

Than what’s left in your statement is only ” happiness”

Question # 2 :

Why so many births and why can’t God keep us with him for ever ???

Answer: We don’t talk about trees getting older………… we say they are “growing”

Same thing with us:

We are not getting older….we are just growing, with each birth . We were plants and animals one time of birth and may be ant or bugs before that , may be rocks before that and with each birth a new growth and evolution of the mind happens , finally in some birth time because of all your good Samskaras accrued , the person realizes his TRUE SELF and than the evolution stops with body and body less and formless evolution into infinity starts , finally merging into infinity .

You have been journeying for a very long time my friend , since millions and millions and millions of years and it took so long to take the form , shape and the person called pramodh (fill your name in my name here)

Have a blessed day my dear family .

Hari Om

8.Destiny as everyone thinks is not prefixed sir  and pre decided , as mentioned earlier ,we are born to “grow”  and evolve into the next higher realms.

Human Conciousness is one of the

Smaller and minuscule realms and people feel very arrogant with some silly possessions and bank balances , they are considered immature and going the opposite of growth.

As we follow our pure conscience and than with strong sankalpA , and with strong mental effort followed by physical effort and of course God helps the one who helps themselves , not to the person who prays but lazy to do things , impossible can be accomplished .

Destiny can be changed .

To give an example :

One of the worker at my farm in india has  a son , who recently got enrolled into IIT, that father is drunkard , but this child who is also handicapped ,I know him when he was a kid , is very genuine and hardworking ,very good at heart and God loving .

Everyone when he was kid used to make fun of him for his handicapped ness .

All the accrued good Samskaras don’t go in vain sir and of course the power of prayers is immeasurable, they can change someone’s destiny too .

So it’s all dynamic , all that you are doing with the pancha karma indriyas and  pancha gynendriyas  and the mind is not going anywhere , it’s coming back to modulate your destiny, it happens slow and steady.

Trust in God , you are already in good care

Hari om

9.”Life Changing Message”. ..Plz spend 60 seconds…

Once Buddha was traveling with a few of his followers.

While they were passing a lake, Buddha told one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from the lake.”

The disciple walked up to the lake.

At that moment, a bullock cart started crossing through the lake.

As a result, the water became very muddy and turbid.

The disciple thought, “How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink?”

So he came back and told Buddha, “The water in there is very muddy. I don’t think it is fit to drink.”

After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back

to the lake.

The disciple went back, and found that the water was still muddy.

He returned and informed Buddha about the same.

After sometime, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back.

This time, the disciple found the mud had settled down, and the water was clean and clear.

So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said, “See what you did to make the water clean. You let it be, and the mud settled down on its own, and you have clear water.”

Your mind is like that too ! When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own.

You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down.

It will happen. It is effortless.”

Having ‘Peace of Mind’ is not a strenuous job, it is an effortless processso keep ur mind cool and have a grt life ahead…

Never leave Your close ones.

If you find few faults in them just close Your eyes

‘n Remembr the best time You spent together

because affection is More Important than Perfection..!

Neither you can hug yourself nor you can cry on your own shoulder.

Life is all about living for one another, so live with those who love you the most…

Relations cannot be Understood by the Language of Money…

Bcoz, Some Investments Never Give Profit But They Make us rich…!

“Family n Friends are such Investments”

10.understand some basic terminology and differences in understanding karma better:

Think what is kriya, karta, Karana, karya , karma, prayojanam and phalam.

Karma is connected to all of them, it’s not just by itself .

So without understanding the rest , understanding karma is impossible and will argue for 50’more years.

Doesn’t matter how much discussion we do, truth is always the same and it’s hard to digest for common man.

it will take some time to unfold .

And the truth is :

Naduthirata is all dynamic , all that you are going thru and receiving are because of your own pancha karma indriyas ( 5 organs of action) and  pancha gynendriyas  ( 5 organs of senses ) and the mind.

Period to that, you can go to the highest Maharishi in the world , he will tell that truth .

But don’t ask people who are just reading books, and talking on the mike, ask a very very serious sadhaka, a vey genuine person.

But I will also tell the key point that pure gyani will say which is also the final goal of karma yoga is :

Na karta , na bhokta  sarvoham , sarvoham


No one is doing anything , no one is enjoying anything,

Everything is everywhere and you are everywhere .

May all be blessed with that state before our expiration dates.

Hari Ohm

11.That’s why with strong druda sankalpam and EESHWARA’s blessings even astrology is waste .

A heart that is pure , hardworking and genuine and loving gets a place  right next to God himself.

That’s why pure sadhakas look gentle and senile , but are very powerful ? The whole nature and nature bows to them .

  1.  if you tried to fail and succeeded, which have you done?

Good morning brothers and sisters

Here are my comments To your question Murali Anna.

Your question is a good one , but incomplete , So I will answer it accordingly :

  1. First thing first ….. I would first ask , how are you measuring ” failure” and ” success”.

Because success for you can be failure for me and failure for you can be success for me.

So it’s relative  and for absolute measurement , we need critical factors to define success.

  1. Now the second point of view :

Now that we know word success is a relative definition and success actually at subconscious level of human mind means “growth”, again not material growth , evolutionary growth

(but un fortunately , people project growth with prosperity, bank balances , etc etc)

  1. From your question ;”if you tried to fail”

Now that we tackled the problem from 1

And 2 above , lets answer your question .

Why would I do something or try to fail in the first place??

That’s the the biological law of nature to always grow and move on to the next step and evolve.

Even Darwin’s biological’a law says that .

all beings at best  are always putting there best of there abilities to grow not to go down, but sometimes they may not at that time, but they persist and don’t give up, eventually they grow.

Finally point:

If Iam not growing , I rather fail than succeed.

And one more key point, now that we know success means ” growth” what is the key performance indicator or a metric to see that in your life ?????


If you have that consider you are already successful .

But what happens when the so called “successful person ” have palaces , rich cars and money but don’t have that key metric, is he growing or is he successfull ??

Hari om

16.Yes sir , there is a very fine difference between wants , desires and needs

Please don’t get confused between them.

For example:

Needing some money for making a living is nature.

Wanting unnecessary money is greedy .

Desiring for unwanted  and non deserving money is crossing the line .

That’s why desires pain mankind very much.

Wantings don’t pain much but will cause restlessness

But working for needs is natural and very aligned with nature.

Lion needs food, so it will hunt just one deer not the entire deer herd.

Trees need water, so they take few drops of water when the rain falls and leaves the rest to the ground so that water gets stored under , they are not greedy not desireful to suck up the whole rain.

The list goes on .

Than why man is the only species that is desiring when the entire nature survives just on “needs” ?????

Very deep question family .

17.Question# 1

Is god a person or a soul governing or this entire process if evolution is god?

Answer: there is nothing called a person , its a fabrication ….it’s invented ….. God is never a person , not an object or one with a form or shape

Everything is already God , actually there is only God .

The level of ignorance when gets cleansed , you will see The God everywhere in everything you are all ready seeing , but the being behind everything .

Who is chatting to who here right now ??

Just question, what is chatting to who and who is chatting and who ??

Eternal Brahman talking to himself. Pure Conciuosness is ALL.

Entire VEDANTA says this.

Actually all of our entire ancient scriptures core summary is this much that’s all.

Sarvoham sarvoham sarvoham

Iam everywhere and everything …. When I say iam , IAM not saying pramodh , iam saying the real IAM

Pramodh is just a name and shape and identification , go beyond that Than you will see this as an object called pramodh

Than the real IAM is the sheer vibrance that is moving this object called pramodh

It will take time and lots of mental efforts and purity of heart to understand it, but please don’t give up.

Question #2

What about our gods we worship shiva vishnu and goddess.

krishna rama hanuman are these energy forms or we are worshipping persons who already born as humans and merged into infinity and asking thm for help us


Shiva and vishnu are not people , they are two different names for the same all existing tatva.

Yes ram and Krishna are people like us who are born like us , lived like us, faced problems in life like us, they had professions like us, they were actually head of the states, leaders or kings, they were parents like us and raised children and held family lives.

Rama actually became father after self realization, even Krishna too.

They faced so many tough problem with relatives , jobs,society, problem in the society , ….. No different than us.

But they were still self realized and never gave up and stood strong .

Manavudu to madhavudu transformation…..yes that’s why we are asking there help when we do prayer to them .

They are perfect role models for grihsstas like us .

I have seen multiple rama’s and Krishna ‘s and they are in body form even now, you can too.

It’s not hard, just learn the art of real seeing with your purified heart .

Than everything is Rama or Krishna already.

But ignorance will never make your heart convince that you are looking at sri rama right in front of you , so he will come because you asked for him in the prayer and poor fellow , he will walk away when u don’t recognize him  and And don’t care for him .

But you cared for him in the prayer , but when he really appears in from of you, you don’t care , what you see you will not accept .

Because you have a fixed pre programmed images and ideas on how he shud be looking for you , you will never recognize him.

Erase those fixed concepts, ideas and concepts that people tell you .

If you are seeing the same static statue in the temple and finalizing the form

And shape of God  ….. That’s is wrong.

He is  the All dynamic force, every form is him and everything is him.

When you realize this and expiernce this in real, it will stifle your breath in ecstasy and joy, that’s the sign that your evolving .

Sadhaka:Thanks for this info Pramodji

Speaker: Dont thank Pramodh ,thank god for this opportunity .

Sadhaka:Thank God for working thru Pramodji

Speaker: Much better and Thank you God for working thru This questioner asking this questions

Hari om

18.Seeker asks:

If God created this entire universe, why can’t he create himself as a person?  Is he not capable?  If he is not capable, then he can’t be god.

Dear seekers ,

To Murali ji point …..

Just simply question…..

1.Did some one called God created universe or universe is an appearance, “everything is the same just appearing differently that’s all”

……including the galaxies and planets and wind and air and what ever you think universe is.

Even scientists are dying it loud and clear .

And what ever is in the universe is in within us too, from the minuscule atoms and nucleause to intelligence to infinite other things , we are same , same and same , big research institution of modern times are discovering the same .

That’s why our ancient scriptures say:

Brahmanda is pindanda and pindanda is brahmanda .

Body is a microcosm and universe is a macrocosm.

No different what so ever.

So where is the question of creation … Everything is changing one form to an other that’s all.

  1. Seekers please also question :

“How to do define a person”

What is called a person ???

Long story short , a person is nothing but bunch of man created attributes  given to an object  for administrative and transactional purposes for day today living.

We all learnt that in object oriented programming when we all started our IT jobs in programming classes.

Every object gets some relative attributes based on its characteristics .

Every object has an ID , color, shape, form, origin etc etc etc , they are all relative.

Same with this body object too, when we attach all those relative attributes to this body “a person is born”.

When we drop

All those relative attributes only one being is there.

God takes a form to appear , but God is not a person.

Hari Om

19.When somebody told me that he has failed in his exams, my question is, “Is it a law that you will pass everytime?”

When someone told me that my husband divorced with me, my question is, “Is it a rule that you will have successful relationships everywhere?”

When somebody asked me why am I in depression, my question is, “Is it compulsory to have confidence all the time?”

When someone cried to me about his huge business loss due to his wrong decision, my question is, “Is it possible that you take all right decisions?”

Did sachin tendulkar hit a century every game????

The fact is our expectation that life has to be perfect/permanent is one of the biggest reason of our unhappiness.

One has to understand the law of impermanence of time and nature.

After each sunny day, there has to be a dark night, after each birth there have to be certain deaths, for the full moon to come again it has to pass through no moon. In this imperfection of nature, there is perfection.

So stop taking your failures and bad part of your life soooo personally or intensely, even God does not like to give you pain but its the cycle through which you have to pass. Prepare yourself for one more fight after each fall because even failures cannot be permanent…!

Enjoy the beauty of life…. And have a great blessed day my god given wonderful family.

You all are wonderful and beautiful.

20.Dear Family

We all enjoyed a great day at Ram ji and Manga ji’s house, not just the Puja, Food, Socializing etc, but a wonderful feeling of together ness and family ness.

But as Madhavachari Ji started with karaNyasam, Anganyasam, followed by Mahanyasam ( Contain more than 100 Nyasams, each Nyasam corresponds to each bhootha suddhi, so that you get ready and every part of your indriyas and body are ready ) and followed it by Sri Rudram and  purusham suktam  and ends with shanti mantram …….there are some very key points that we as sadhakas have to know, the sequence in which it was done and the way it is done ……WHAT DID REALLY HAPPEN yesterday in the puja.

Did you all hear some key words that Madhava Chary ji mentioned and made Ramji repeat that and had him touch his fontanel sometimes and sometimes his “shika” area and said to Manga ji, If Ram Ji is doing it, that’s fine……. Are they random or are they just words or are there deeper secrets of higher knowledge that we simply nodded our heads and moved on?????.

Yes every bit has a very very very very very deeper meaning that connects to the most inner of your being.

Every time they were offering on the Linga meant something along with the Mantra.

There was a huge Universal cosmic brilliance that made itself present that was unfolded right then and there yesterday during the puja.

The following was also done:

Soham—– 3times

Hamsa— 3 times

Rudro ham – 3 times

tanme manah shiva sankalpa mastu —- 7 times

Prati purusham— 3 times

Each time a shabda gochara was pounced harder at the end of an anuvaka with a loud noise …. Did he do that on purpose or is there a science behind that sound of that mantra , behind that.

(It’s surprise but it is close to the sound of your own heart beat.)

And then followed by 11 anuvakas of SriRudram praising the lord and purusha shooktam is also chanted after chanting Sri Rudra and ended with shanti mantram.

Why did they come in that order of Sequence ??? And why 3 times and some 7 times each ???

Unless we go deeper and understand the deeper meaning of them, we will never understand what all Pujas REALLY mean and what does  happen in a puja?? And how to see it ??

There is a huge cosmic vibration that occurs when the right person does the right prayer, entire cosmos reacts to you .

When the Sadhaka who totally understands what’s going on and what to do exactly and how….. They witness the cosmic wonder.

We can witness all that cosmic wonder too during the puja that is happening than and there when you close the eyes and witness the cosmic wonder of eeshwara  through the eyes of your heart not through physical eyes .

22./ some one might question, how to do the puja , when you are closing the eyes???…. Those sitting and performing the puja like has to learn the art of sthithAprajya , that will help them keep there’s eyes open , but well connected with all internality’s, it comes with practicing meditation./

23.Thomas Alva Edison when he was a boy used to do so many experiments at his home lab, his father  and uncle used to take names of some of popular scientists and mathematicians of that time and Edison used to wonder who are they and what they do and used to get scared ,worried and depressed.

The answers use to scare him and used to wonder , can he ever be one of them.

He used to get depressed , why can’t he become one and what’s wrong with him.

His mom said one day : what makes you think you are not a scientist , look at what you have around you and the time you spend with so much stuff in your home lab.

To my eyes you are already one bright scientist and one day the whole world will say it too.

He went on to become a proud scientist of world has ever known.

Just like Edison we all get scared of anything new and higher knowledge words, but when you get the support and guidance , you can become that very higher thing.

Just be brave, strong , true And hardworking that’s all.

The truth is already in all of us right here and right know inside and within us, just evolve that’s all like Edison .

24.Dear Family,

People who are hungry for food are less than people who are hungry for love .

Rich people are dying for love  and poor are dying for food and love.


So what in the heart that man is breeding today that is keeping him from

Natures best gift called love:

ISIS, France plane crashes, Hillary election,Trillion dollar student loan, Hillary’s emails, interest rates, Vladimir Putin, the Iran Deal, Ted Cruz,India corruption issues, India Beef ban, andhra telangana issues, india pakistan issues, border problems,

caste system issues, political problems, womens safety issues, childrens issues, job and lay offs, Global economic meltdown, rise in divorce rates, society pollution , environmental pollution, endless desires , wants etc etc……the list goes on for the common man to get worried these days ( You get the point??? )

That’s it , that’s all there is in MInd, full loaded and crammed with those thoughts . End of one thought , start an other thought…… Man is getting restless.

Common man of today is so deep in worries about the above and so many other things in his head and thoughts are heavy 24 x7 x 365 sorrounded by insecurities and fears and scares.

On top of this, TV ‘s are adding more fuel to the fire for there TRP and scaring the people away and giving enough to keep them up at night without good sleep through the night.

To escape from the above, he tries to go away for example to a movie, and the movies these days are filled with so much filth and profanity and viloence, giving new ideas for terroism infact, gone are the days when i can go to a movie with my parents .

He tries to watch a sport game, but to his disappointment, all the sport games are in scandals and scams filled with match fixing and lies. Where is the kick in watching the sport when the result is pre fixed.

Human being of today is living in fear, insecurity, anger and misery………..though they are surrounded with big houses, big cars and good money, there is no happiness and pure joy is missing in there lives.

The whole world is thirsty of love, some one to hug, wipe the tears and give a smile and make them feel good.

who knows what kind of problem the person coming your way is going through and what kind of pain is loaded up in his heart ??? but still he/she puts a good face , which doesnt tell anything.

What if we spread our arms and hug them and add some love to our conversations , we can give some peace to that soul.

why cant we be the agents of change ourselves instead of asking the world to change………lets rediscover the value of vasudaika kutumbam.

When we lose something, thats when we miss and value that more.

We cannot change the world , but we can make a difference in a little way we can by taking one small step at time.

Love the world, love your self , because love is GOD.

Feel the divinity in your hearts.

Hari Om tat sat

24.Very bright and wonderful good morning dear family,

As one advances in spiritual Sadhana and attains a greater and greater degree of evolution day by day, by regular and incessant  practice of the Shravana, mañana , nidhidyasna the clouds of doubts, delusion and interrogation disperse by themselves.

As the sun rises, the mist disappears. as you progress in the spiritual path by the Grace of your chosen Guru and God, all the intricate problems of life and death dissolve themselves into the ever-abiding Truth of existence.

The only duty of man is to intensify the inner purity by integral Sadhana.

Whenever doubts, troubles arise, repeat any Mantras: Om Sri Rama Saranam Mama or Om Sri Krishna Charanau Saranam Prapadye or your remember your Guru given Mantra.

When flood comes, fish eats ants and when flood recedes, ants eat fish. Just hold on. God gives opportunity to every one.

In a theatre when drama plays, you opt for front seats. When film is screened, you opt for rear seats. Your position in life is only relative.

For making soap, oil is required. But to clean oil, soap is required.

Life is not about finding the right person. But creating the right relationship. It’s not how we care in the beginning. But how much we care till the end.

Every problem has (N+1) solutions: where N is the number of solutions that you have tried and 1 is that you have not tried.

When you are in problem, don’t think it’s the End. It is only a Bend in life.

Difference between Man and God is God gives, gives and forgives. Man gets, gets and forgets.

There is no Escalator to success In spirituality or material goals …. There are only STEPS.

Hari om tat sat

25.Dear loving family,

Posting a wonderful

Snippet from a good friend:

A good conversation between Ramkrishna Paramahansa & Swami Vivekananda

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic.

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you free.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- Why has life become complicated now?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Stop analyzing life.. It makes it complicated. Just live it.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- Why are we then constantly unhappy?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Worrying has become your habit. That’s why you are not happy.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- Why do good people always suffer?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Diamond cannot be polished without friction. Gold cannot be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but don’t suffer.

With that experience their life becomes better, not bitter.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- You mean to say such experience is useful?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Yes. In every term, Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first and the lessons .

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- Because of so many problems, we don’t know where we are heading…

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- If you look outside you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides the way.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- Does failure hurt more than moving in the right direction?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- In tough times, how do you stay motivated?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go. Always count your blessing, not what you are missing.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- What surprises you about people?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- When they suffer they ask, “why me?” When they prosper, they never ask “Why me?”

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- How can I get the best out of life?

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.

  1. Swami Vivekanand:- One last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

Ramkrishna Paramahansa:- There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live…..

26.Does heaven and hell exist as some independent planes apart from this earth plane of ours?

Yes they do……They are also planes of existence just like ours. They are as real as the earthly plane.

But , here is the way to go there as per our scriptures.

They are inside us, not outside , contrary to what everyone thinks .

All the worlds or lokas and all the Tirthas (sacred rivers) are existent in the human being himself, if he has belief in the scriptures.

Just go deep into your heart , you will FEEL them ( not see).

The Gita for Hindus , terma,pitaka and sutras of buddihism, The Koran for the Muslims, the Bible for the Christians, the Old Testament for the Jews, the Gathas for the Parsis all are saying the same thing.

One can enjoy heaven or hell in this birth if he so wishes.

The greater the grossness and materialism with greed, wants , anger, frustrations etc the more intense will be the torture and suffering till such time as the individual is refined and becomes a true sadhaka and fit for the of the Lord’s grace by repeated purificatory processes.

If you want to enjoy heaven on earth, go on purifying yourself by controlling the lower mind, the desires and cravings.

All is bliss, all is joy, all is happiness then.

But If you allow a free rein to the horses of the senses and yield to the prompting of the devilish mind, if you follow the path of Adharma, hell itself will prevail, not elsewhere in some incredible region, but here on this earth itself.

All that we expiernce in real

Life is already a hint of where you go after living the body .

That realm is already influencing you right here and right now .

Look inside you and evaluate your condition and you will know yourselves where you will go, higher states, earth or lower states ?????

We still have so many breaths remaining, follow the purifying process of your heart by real love if EESHWARA , yoga, meditation , sri rama or krishn chanting , and most important of all ….. Self less seva.

May God bless us all .

Hari Om tat sat.

27.Dear brother suriya ji,

There is nothing called Christians , Muslims , Hindus  as per Vedic way of vision , it’s not my personal belief .

What ever vedam says , it’s my belief,it’s not vice versa.

All there is as per Vedic way is a “breathing being “, with no differentiation or divisions.

As this differentiation is created by the MIND and man without using there God give buddi blindly follows it and beliefs that he is so and so.

But Vedic direction is very clear .

In your example of pizza and chapathi, you are looking at the world from pizza and chapathi perspective.

Veda suggests us to see that it’s all just flour.

Because chapathi and pizza is empirical reality  and phenomena based.

28.That’s simple question surya ji…. Vedas call such non believers as ignorants , period.

It’s never harsh or rude to such non believers , it only says with lots of love to evolve  .

Vedam also says one more thing, everything it says is not meant to force its concepts on others, it only says take it or ignore it.

Those who comes into the light evolves and those who likes to stay in ignorance lives in misery …. That’s all .

29.Ramakrishna parama Hamsa gives a wonderful example for non believers :

A person want to save a pig by serving good food and healthy water that was eating dirt and rolling in drainage but if pig ignores that and goes into the drainage ….. It’s the choice of that pig not that person helping it.

it can stay as a dirty pig rest of its life and die with horror or change into a good pig and live a healthy life, it’s the pig choice .

Person cannot change the pig, it’s upto the pig to take it or leave it, That helping person is just a helping mechanism .

Same thing for people too, no one can and should force anything on anyone.

Vedam only gives direction and never forces anyone on anything.

It’s upto us to follow it or not.

30.Wonderful virtual satsangh with beautiful hearts today .

I feel so happy the purpose of this group is fructifying , so many eager hearts with such wonderful questions ….. All in search for some higher truths.

From a 6 year girl old painting that is saying ….. What is God ?????


the smartest minds of the day pouring in 12 billion dollars and built biggest underground lab in europe for hadron collider …..all questioning across the world and beyond with one wonderful question …….


the answer is simple ….

He is breathing and roaring inside you as the breath , listen to him in silence and he will listen to you , your best friend ever , your best love ever and your best parent ever .

A mother looked around everywhere for her lost son and travelled far of distance looking for her lost son, got tired , got angry and frustrated …. Only to

find that her son was in her own home.

That’s what is the final answer one will find after visiting multiple temples , yatras, dikshas, aradhanas, VEDANTA scriptures studies for years , yagnas, Homas, pujas etc etc.

Feel the divinity in your heart,he is talking to you every second.

Hari OM

31.Dear family,

Most of us went to convent schools and hardly have sanskrit background.

And we picked up little bit along on the way some bits and pieces here and there.

That’s why when we say a mantra or a shloka or a Kirtana or a Doha or abhang or a Japa

Or a stuti or bhajan …. We just say it without knowing the meaning of it and mechanically go on reciting it for years .

Here is a snippet to understand what are they in the first place and how should they be treated and what’s the difference between them :


Shloka is a rhythmic form of a sentence and could be independent or a part of long scripture containing multiple shlokas. They are not necessarily  be used in worship. These must be multi-word sentences.

  1. It is a chantable metrical composition.
  1. Usually refersto the external

3.Contains either  an advice or a praise  for a god or goddess or

  1. It contains a prayer  or
  1. It is a description of a phenomenon
  1. Mostly for becoming a Better sadhaka

7.also called Chaupai, Doha, Abhang, Ovi, are thr names used for the poetry written by saints.


  1. The sanskrit word mantra  consists of the root word “man “- ” to think” ( also in manas “mind”)

and the suffix -tra, designating tools or instruments, hence a literal translation would be “instrument of thought”

2.Is more directed to the internal

  1. It contains , in most cases, an automatic suggestion ; something to control the mind with and give it a direction.
  1. It’s more of a SADHANA marga not sadhaka marga.

It’s Sadhana itself.

as an example: the Gayatri is a mantra and like most mantras, the chanter has to immerse himself in the qualities mentioned in it ( shivo bhutva shivam bhajet ) to derive the desired benefit.

the om by itself  and soham, ahambrahmasmi  etc are all vedic maha  mantras, while a mantra like om namashivya is a puranic mantra.

chantings like bhrahmanandam paramasukhadam kevalamdnyanamurtim…… tasmai shri gurave namah” would qualify as shloka


Stotra or Stotram  is a Sanskrit word, for a hymn addressed to Divinity. It can be a prayer, a description, or a conversation. These hymns praise aspects of the divine, such as Devi, Siva, or Vishnu. Relating to word “stuti”, and basically both mean “praise”. Notable stotra are Shiva Tandava Stotram in praise of Shiva and Ram Raksha Stotra a prayer for protection to Lord Rama.

Stotras are a type of popular devotional literature and are not bound by the strict rules as mantras.

One type of stotra is based on chanting a litany of names for a deity. A category of stotra of that type is the Sahasranama, which is a litany of a thousand names for a particular deity. Sahasranama means “1000 names”; Sahasra means 1000 and nama means names. For example, Vishnu Sahasranama means 1000 names of Vishnu

Other examples are:

Shiva Tandava Stotram

Shiv Mahimna Stotra

Panchakshara Stotra

Ram Raksha Stotra

Mahishasuramardini Stotra

Maruti Stotra

Agasti Lakshmi Stotra

Dvadasha stotra


kirtana Means to “praise; eulogy”; also called sankirtana is chanting performed as bhakti. Kirtana practice involves chanting hymns along with instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, the two-headed mrdanga or drum and hand cymbals (karatalas). It is a major practice in Vaisnava devotionalism, Sikhism, the Sant traditions and some forms of Buddhism, as well as other religious groups. Kirtana is sometimes accompanied by story-telling and acting. Texts typically cover religious, mythological or social subjects.


A Bhajan is any type of Hindu devotional song. It has no fixed form: it may be as simple as a kirtan or as sophisticated as with music based on classical ragas and talas.It is normally lyrical, expressing love for the God .

The Dhrupad style, Sufi qawwali and the kirtan or song in the Haridasi tradition are related to bhajan. Nanak, Kabir, Meera, Narottama Dasa, Surdas and Tulsidas are notable composers.


Japa is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power. The mantra or name may be spoken softly, enough for the practitioner to hear it, or it may be spoken purely within the reciter’s mind. Japa may be performed while sitting in a meditation posture, while performing other activities, or as part of formal worship in group settings.

32.Good morning family

Can we say God as conscious or unconscious? Because if He is conscious, He must have a forms because only a being who has a body can be conscious.

For example: human beings are called conscious beings for the firm we are in.

How can nidhidyasna or vedic meditation help us understand this ????

God is pure absolute consciousness. He is omniscient, all-knowing. He is formless .This physical body has limited consciousness at human level ONLY.

For example :a man with a brand new very high end ROLLS ROYCE car goes to a cow shelter for inauguration with a suit on him and lots of gold on him , does that cows give special preference to him like human beings do ?????

Cow doesn’t care a thing for him and it will never understand all this hungama and goes on with its business .

Make No mistake cow is also a conscious being too, just like us .

Where as humans around the shelter will stop looking at the cows and start a buzz on who is this guy

And what is he doing to get rich like that etc etc etc ???

So Consciousness is of various kinds, physical consciousness, mental consciousness and absolute consciousness. You will experience the highest consciousness when you transcend the three bodies through constant and intense      Nidhidyasana or meditation.

With this physical body and limited senses you can have the physical consciousness only.

So to go beyond , you have to close all your senses .

Because with senses you get limited view of the relative world not the real world which is inside us.

Feel the divinity in the heart.

Hari om

33.Dear family,

If I say and keep on chanting ‘Sweet Sweet ‘ can I get that sweet. If I say ‘Ram, Ram’, Can I get God , just by chanting ???

You will have to earn money for purchasing sugar and other ingredients and Then you will have to go to the grocery store  to purchase sugar than make sweet or buy sweet from that earned money .

Here also, in the case of RAM , we will have to get rid of lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride, jealousy and egoism and then repeat ‘Ram, Ram’ with Bhav (feeling) and single-minded devotion. Then you will have Darshan of Lord Rama.

The Chanting now becomes pure and valuable unlike the other chanting doing mechanically, with heart some where and mind some where .

Rama is within. Sweet is outside. You will have to give your whole heart to Rama.

Feel Eeshwara in your hearts dear Bhagavad bhandus .

Hari OM

34.Watch “Rice Consciousness experiment, inspired by Dr Masaru Emoto” on YouTube –

35.Dear Family,

If I say, “I am a king”, Can I become a king just like that ???

So also, if I repeat “Aham BrahmaAsmi”, I cannot become Brahman directly .

For becoming king ,you will have to prepare yourself. You will have to gather a large number of men. You will have to learn many things. You will have to fight and have to be taught be raja dharma and nyaya shastra.

Same with aham brahmasmi ,you will have to prepare and purify the mind. You will have to acquire the four means of salvation– Viveka (discrimination between the real and the unreal),dispassion, Shad Sampat (sixfold virtues) and Mumukshutva (eagerness for liberation). Then you will have to do Sravana (reading and hearing of the Srutis and some smrutis too) Manana (contemplation or reflection) and Nidhidhyasan (constant and profound meditation). Then only you will get Atma Sakshatkara or Brahma Anubhava.

Than you will know why our VEDANTA said aham brahmasmi is SELF.

Feel divinity in your hearts.

You are the walking temple already right here and right now.

Hari Om tat sat

36.Watch this wonderful song from a old telugu movie as a supplement for understanding above snippet :

37.Subhodayam Priya bhagavad bhandus,

Performing puja is one thing, but being a part of that puja is a whole different thing.

In Reality There is no separate process of “performing “puja and you, YOU BECOME THE PUJA.

And slowly there comes a point, when you realize that you don’t have to sit at one place to do that, puja can be done internally in a silent way and then the next step is he is walking puja, talking puja, sleeping puja……than he will realize oh my god, there is no second when the puja is not happening, all this time….I thought iam doing something called puja, but it has been happening ever microsecond of my existence.

That’s when there is no difference between a person and beingness, he is merged into infinity.

That’s when the real puja is complete.

Whats the value of the puja when, the body is following the instructions of the pundit , but the mind is confused and it’s not sure why it’s doing what’s been told and then its also multi-tasking  with so many other things in its mind, cell phone, greeting people, looking around, managing paraphernalia,  thinking 100 other things etc.

That’s what is called dambikam or show off puja.

Poor god, he will come because you asked him to come, but he will be there for a little bit and leave as there is no one caring for him really.

In some cases, pundits make a big joke of the loyal and pure bhaktas , in one case I saw when at the end of the puja a flower fell off the murthy, the pundit exaggerated as if god granted all the wishes of the bhakta with the flower falling as a sign and the pure bhakta was literally crying of joy with that flattered selfish comments of the pundit.

The matter of fact is that the flower was dangling off the edge of the murthy, it’s bound to fall anyway sooner or later. Its wrong to play with the emotions of the pure but ignorant bhaktas like that, just because they don’t know Sanskrit or did not read the shastras.

Sorry but this is the state of affairs of our modern puja.

Know the truths and be liberated .

Hari om

36.When God is all-pervading formless Being. Why do religions confine God to an idol? What is the use of idol worship?

The divinity of the all-pervading God is vibrant in every atom of creation. ((for a typical human of 140 pounds there are almost 7*1027 atoms  and 37 trillion cells) where is not a speck of space where He is not. If this is the number just in 1 human body…… What about 7.2 billion population and what about entire living and non living population of the universe ???????its unimaginable and speechless ………..

Why do we then say that He is not the idols?

The idol is a support structure for the beginner in a long spiritual journey . Just like you need to graduate from elementary school , but the goal is PHD.

Spiritual progress is a BIG and LONG Yatra or journey

It is a start of a persons spiritual childhood. A form or image is necessary for worship in the beginning. It is not possible for all to fix the mind on the Absolute or the Infinite. A concrete form is necessary for the vast majority for practicing concentration.

Idols are not the idle fancies of sculptors, but shining channels through which the heart of the devotee flows towards God. Though the image is worshipped, the devotee feels the presence of the Lord in it and pours out his devotion unto it. The idol remains an idol, but the worship goes to the Lord.

To a devotee, the image is a mass of Chaitanya or consciousness. He draws inspiration from the image. The image or idol guides him and helps bhakta to the next phase.

Idol worship is not peculiar to Hinduism. The Christians worship the Cross. They have the image of the Cross in their mind. The Muslims keep the image of the Kaaba stone when they kneel and do prayers. The mental image also is a form of idol.

All worshippers, however intellectual they may be, generate a form in the mind and make the mind dwell on that image. Everyone is an idol worshipper. Pictures and drawings are only a form of Pratima.

For a gross  mind it needs a concrete symbol as a prop or Alambana; for a subtle mind requires an abstract symbol. Fir example most of the subtle minded Vedantins has the symbol OM for fixing the wandering mind. So, idolatary should not be condemned but taught the right meaning and essence instead of blind worship.

But what happens when a child fails 10 th grade 10 times, is there a value to it ????

Same thing , we should graduate from temple worship and idolatary worship to universal God and eventually see God in everything as ” sarva atma Bhava ” and than get the PHD that is realize that you are the walking temple , you are the walking universe , every brain cell is connected to the entire cosmos , entire brahmanda is ALIVE and watching .

Feel the divinity in you

Hari Ohm tat sat

37.Here is the detailed comment sir…. Read it in leisure .

Why Eeshwara Manifests Creation in the first place?????

The only way the knowledge of Eeshwara becomes known is in a state of duality (Subject and Object, for example: you are the subject and world is an Object)

because if there is no creation, there is no object to be known, and there is no possibility of knowing.

The Upanishads recognize two types of Jnana (Knowledge): the lower Jnana (knowledge) of the rituals, sacrifices, necessary duties, professional knowledge etc, and the higher knowledge of the Self (Atman) and the Supreme Self.

The lower knowledge maps to Avidya or ignorance and the higher knowledge maps to Vidya or the TRUTH.

Knowledge that comes from the Lower Mind or Lower Jnana is Inferior in nature and its primary source is pancha Jñânendriyas (The organs of sense):

1.The eye – the organ of sight having visible forms as its object.

2.The ear – the organ of hearing, having sound as its object.

3.The nose – the organ of smelling, having smell (odors) as its object.

4.The tongue – the organ of tasting, having flavors as its object.

5.The skin – the organ of feeling, having touch (contact) as its object.


pancha Karmendriya (The organs of actions):

1.The mouth (the organ of speech)

2.The feet

3.The hands

4.The anus

5.The genitals

Ignorance arises from the above mentioned faculties.

Their interaction with the phenomenal outside world is responsible for our experience of duality and delusion and it leads to ignorance, because what we experience through our senses mentioned above, we think they are all real, but it’s not.

It leads to more attachment, karma, egoism, worldliness and more involvement with things and Nature (For example: a smart IT engineer, though very smart is stuck in the web of greed, anger, comparisons, jealousy etc …..Though the world might clap for him and kudos him for his smartness with performance bonus etc, he is always stuck in misery and sadness and never REALLY HAPPY….ALL HIS HAPPINESS ARE SHORT LIVED ONLY.)

But Upanishads states very clearly that both types of knowledge (Lower knowledge and higher knowledge) are important. Because from the lower knowledge comes the discipline and the ability to practice the higher and realize the highest.

They also affirm that knowledge of Brahman is the highest knowledge, because it is permanent, unchanging and indivisible, by knowing which there is no further knowing.

So for a person who don’t have eyes, how is he going to experience duality first and how is he going to learn and discipline his indiryas based on his experiences of duality from the senses and put them in proper place and evolve higher??

Yes if he is evolved so high, the vision provided by the eyes are secondary than the vision provided by the inner self, but til than he needs this costume with all the necessary gadgets with it to evolve higher.

So the REAL purpose of this body and all its paraphernalia is to evolve higher and higher conscious states and finally merge into infinity and not waste this God given gift for materialistic needs.

38.Dear family,

Read it in leisure .

@Murali Anna.

Part #1 What you commented needs a bit more explanation sir:

Ignorance happens through Indriyas because, Indriyas get the primary input from the world and creates impressions ( Vishaya Parijnanam) in the MIND, MIND is the chief controller of Indriyas (All 10 of them +1 ).

So all impressions sourced through the Indriyas (senses) are fed into the MIND AS THE CHIEF CONTROLLER.

So, its NOT the Atman controlling the senses, It’s the MIND.

But MIND is not a single entity, and it has 4 chief components that in permutation and combinations (Based on individual sadahana Shakti) connect with Indiryas.

Based on the gradations of this permutations and combinations, one has a LOWER MIND and HIGHER MIND.

The lower mind tells him all the wrong things and makes him do the wrong actions, whereas the higher mind helps reach higher realities.

The chief 4 components of the MIND are (Antahkarana ) :

  1. Mana – the organ of thought
  1. Buddhi – the organ of understanding.
  1. Aham – the power of mind which leads to the accomplishment of objectives, and eventually toward identifications and attachments.
  1. Chitta – the organ where Sanskaras are stored, and from where all the vikaras of mind originate.


He JUST EXISTS AND shines up the entire UNIVERSE through all the koshas infusing his vibrancy into them.

But as this vibrancy propagates downward, its density increases and creates a pinch…….that pinch is called “MIND”………as it further propagates in its higher densities it’s called body and senses………there are more and more planes of existence as the density propagates deeper and deeper, they are called naraka, pathala etc….but we are limited with our senses to catch them.

Think of what happens in the dream state, there are no senses acting, but you will see everything, your friends, you’re known places, people, environment etc. what’s happening there?????? Think, think think…….. ( Of course think with the sadhana based higher mind)..

You will know that this world is a dream, jagrut avastha is an extension of the swapna avastha ( waking state is a extension of the dream state)……there is no “world” ……its just an appearance…………the world you see is different from THE WORLD out there.

So it’s an elaborate trickery of the senses that causes this big illusion and all this understanding is possible only when you have right eyes, ears, nose etc….

Part # 2 : for your comment on Children and parents:

No parent will ask for a handicapped children, unlike what everyone thinks, children don’t come based on parents’ wishes, they pick us , more than we pick them in there subtle state, the densities of their vibration in the Jiva’s consciousness will resonate to the density of the fathers consciousness ( mother’s role is to give body ONLY) ……….. of course the samskaras, Prayers ,papas and punyas of the parents matter too, but the primary priority is based on the child’s desire not parents.

Child picks his parents in the subtle state to evolve to the next step from where he left of. If based on his actions, he performed bad deeds by seeing wrong thing, and committed sins through the god given eyes………sure he will be blind.

When he lives the body, he repents for those sins and looks for fixing his issues and looks for parents who can resonate with the density of his vibrations.

Just like a person who failed 10th class ten times, he will get to pick mediocre schools and mediocre subjects, same things happens at the Jiva level too with his new parents.

It’s a complex logic of give and take, completing pending transactions, revenges, gifting’s, gained samskaras, pending desires , vasanas etc which registers impressions in the conciousness which will decide who is born to whome and why, INSPITE OF PRAYERS, a person destined to get a blind child will get a blind child, but may be that blind child will stand as a role model to the entire world as a result of those prayers…… stephen hawking, he is handicapped , but famous scientist of the world.Or markandeya from our Puranas.

40.Dear wonderful God given family,

To expand the logic of karma Siddaanta as per Bhagavad Gita second chapter …..

At the level of body/mind  identification all the above concepts Are valid….. But to understand karma , we have to understand what is kriya, karta, Karana, karya , karma, prayojanam and phalam.

Unlike what everyone thinks….Karma is not the action…’s the response of the action .

For example : if I hit a table …..than hitting is kriya, hitter is kartha, Iam a wonderful hitter feeling is the bhokta….process of hitting is called karya, the pain as response from hitting when you hit is called karma,

Then result of hitting is phalam and the overall goal of hitting the table may be for creating space for 10 people so that they can sit comfortably is called prayojanam.

Kriya done for prayojanam has highest regards by nature and karma accrues great for such Kriyas.

But Kriyas done for phalam or desires has low karma that gets accrued.

Karma is connected to all of them, it’s not just by itself .

So without understanding the rest , understanding karma is impossible and people will argue for 50’more years.

Doesn’t matter how much discussion we do, truth is always the same and it’s hard to digest for common man.

But in jivan mukti state , that is the person is alive but individuality is lost ,karma is not valid to that being anymore .

so to become a non – body /mind identified being there is a final goal of karma yoga called as:

Na karta , na bhokta  sarvoham , sarvoham  Sarvoham

IAM Not the doer of anything and .. Iam Not the enjoyer of anything .

Everything is everywhere and you are everywhere .

Feel the divinity in your hearts

Hari om

40.Ledu sir its not a mix up.

Even KAnchi paramacharya clarified in one of his anugraha bashyam on this whole confusion of the real definition of karma.

His guidance was simple , karma is not static its dynamic , so it has to be accrued.

If karma is an action …. How can it be accrued???

Karma is the response to the action not action itself.

Response to the action is different from karma phalam (result of the action.)

In your own example… Karma is the taste of the cooked rice , karya is the process of cooking rice, kriya is the action of cooking, phalam is cooked rice.

Kharma phalam is good taste or bad taste of rice.

Because this is the part that’s gets accrued that will make you eat again or again or detest it.

In essence karma is the part that gets accrued, action cannot get Accrued its a jada.

Yes that’s true agreed.

But as we transcend from gross to subtle states in our evolutionary process in spirituality … We have to capture the essence of the holy teachings…. By taking the gross meaning , it will help very little.

That’s the secret why the a same book gives diff meaning at different times .

40.I learn how simple things can be joyful from my little daughter, what’s sacrifice means from my wife, dignity and joy of doing a job from my janitor friend at work and leadership and responsibility from my Vice President boss, love and self surrender from

Nature , Bhakti from

Brothers and sisters from temple, self less seva from hunger center people,humbleness and discipline from ants, sincerity and dedication from bees, self reliance from lions, Wisdom from Elephants, endless freedom from Birds as they fly in the sky …. The list goes on  and on and on

The teacher is everywhere for a student who wants to learn.

A person asked what is a guru means???

The realized soul said…. Guru is not a person…. He is everywhere and everything, be ready to be a student and teacher is right in front of you.

Don’t have to do guru shopping running across the world and touching people’s feet for no reason.

A learned man may let you touch his feet as ego still lingers in him.

but a self realized man will touch your feet first before you can touch his feet.

When we are all the pots of the same clay , where are the differences .

gain knowledge and evolve  and be realized…. We are same ….we are same ….we are same.

42.Dear family

Benefits Of Eating With Hands

Many people find eating with hands unhygienic and disgusting but the connection of eating food with hands is not only with the body but also with the mind and soul. Lets know the benefits of it.

Within many Indian households nowadays, the practice of eating food with the hands has been replaced with the use of cutlery but very few know the benefits of having food with hands.

Benefits – Eating With Hands

The ancient tradition of eating with hands is derived from mudra (postures) practices and are widespread in many aspects within Hinduism. As we know that hands postures are used during mediation and Yoga. Even in many classical forms of dance, hand postures are important.

* As per Vedic knowledge, our hands and feet consist of the five elements – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Practice of eating with hands is also mentioned in Ayurveda. As per Ayurvedic texts, each finger is an extension of one of the five elements:

Thumb: Fire

Index finger: Air

Middle finger: Heaven/ Ether

Ring finger: Earth

Little finger: Water

Five Elements in Hand

Each finger transforms food in digestive form before it passes to human digestion system. Improved digestion enhances the pleasure of eating as taste, texture and smell is felt better while having food with hands.

* The skin sends the senses to the brain about the temperature, texture of the food and this acts like a catalyst in the action of generating the necessary salivary juices.

* Eating with the hands, one can verify the temperature of the food before and it can prevent one from burning of the mouth.

* Some people believe that hands behave as energetic cleanser when the food passes via hand to mouth. Similar kind of tradition is followed in other religion also when people eat food after placing their palms above the food.

The logic behind it that food contains various external energies positives, negatives, pains, emotions, thoughts etc when it passes from various people like vegetable/ spice seller, cook, waiter etc. It is believed hands help cleaning all external energies so that it could not impact the human soul.

A similar pattern is found in many people coming from abroad that they feel suffocation and negative feelings when they eat through knife and fork. On the other hand, if they eat with their hands, they experience heavenly and divine feeling.

Science Behind Eating With Hands

We have some bacteria, known as normal flora, found on our skin. These bacteria are not harmful to human instead they protect us from many harmful bacteria from outside environment.

It is required to establish normal flora in various parts of our body like in mouth, throat, intestine, gut etc for the betterment of health.

Eating with spoon for long time can change the arrangement of normal flora. With this, the pattern of normal flora can be changed in the gut. It results reduced synchronous immunity to environmental bacterial germs.

Lets take an example, in India, when some people come from abroad after spending several years of staying there mostly suffer from acute gastroenteritis whereas the local people don’t, because their normal flora and gut flora are in sync.

Karaagre Vasate Lakssmih Karamadhye Sarasvati |

Karamuule Tu Govindah Prabhaate Karadarshanam ||

i.e. At the Top of the Palm Dwell Devi Lakshmi and at the Middle of the Hand Dwell Devi Saraswati, At the Base of the Hand Dwell Sri Govinda; Therefore one should Look at one’s Hands in the Early Morning and contemplate on Them. Hence, This shloka suggests that the divinity lies inside our hands.

Many things within Hindu culture seem weird and unusual but once we go deep into it, we find that a surprising and vast amount of knowledge is hidden in Vedic culture.

Hari om

44.Beauty and God lies in heart of the beholder not external… For a mother giving medicine to the child… The child says so many mean words to that mother and treats her as monster  …. But mother is never that mean person …. She is love trying to cure her child.

God comes as  daiyam and God also comes as daivam.

For a ignorant and religious people those definitions exist , but for a jnani, there is only eeshwara in all forms.

Also an interesting observation is word daiyam and daivam , both start with word ” dai” …. The only difference is “maya”.

Hari OM

45.Suresh JI,

Not sure if you understood what I wrote above. But it answers your question .

As realization and understanding  grows , we will basically learnt that ghost or daiyam never really existed …. We manufactured it in our minds because of our ignorance.

There is only God … Brahmam okkate …..parabrahmam okkate nijam

45.Short answer is :

  1. Understand Einstein ‘s equation e= mc2.

You will know that body is nothing but an expression of condensed energy , it doesn’t have any solidity as the scientists are saying even th nucleus doesn’t exist ,so where is the solidity or physicallity to it???

Body is just an idea in the mind, your mind creates that projection .

  1. If Apple can talk, do you think it will say that iam Apple ???

You don’t know that Apple is an apple til you are 1 year  or 2 year old .

Yes everything you are seeing is unreal.

You are not eating Apple, because Apple doesn’t exist.

You eating something is nothing but sensations in the mind.

Iam have to drive now, but i will write detailed answer later tonite.

46.As mentioned earlier, this is a little detailed explanation:

Let us continue with the example of an apple.  Ego is an inherent factor of the mind.  I or me or mine arise only because of ego and this Iam gets the urge in the annamaya kosha caused by the prana shakti called hunger ( In the absence of hunger,but an itch to eat  or a casual desire to eat apple, it occurs first in the mind based on the individual’s attachment to food called vasanas). At the instance of the mind, eyes look at the apple.  Organ of perception, eye conveys to the mind through cognitive faculty, sight about the availability of the apple on the table or refrigerator.  If mind is in confusion, it refers to the intellect(Buddhi).  Intellect confirms to the mind that it is apple.  Then the mind develops desire because of the inherent ego.  The desire develops in the form of tasting an apple.  Now mind sends command to organs of action to get the apple.  Receiving the command from the mind, feet moves towards the apple ,hands pluck an apple and mouth eats it.  The cause for the movement of legs and hands is prana and its five modifications.

As you can see, a simple action needs a collective conglomerate interaction of multiple intelligent systems interplaying in harmony , so are you still one component called body ???

46.Good question, in fact I asked the same question few years back at a satsangh …..

How much special knowledge one needs to have to understand that :

  1. Heart is beating on its own
  2. Breathing is happening in its own
  3. Blood circulations are on its own
  4. Neuron endocrine system is happening on its own
  5. Earth , moon and yes even sun and even galaxies are

Moving in there own.

The List goes on and on and on .

All this is common sense and default natural truths .

Unfortunately people minds are so advanced and got so crooked that they don’t understand the simple basic natural truths.

And when this Crooked advanced mind starts thinking at that level confusion starts .

Confusion is because the ego is in action, a confused person teaches all

Unnatural truths because he has a agenda in his Mind for building guru Dom and building ashram and demanding respect and honors etc and he will scare the pure bhaktas by telling all unnatural truths.

A realized soul will never claim that he is realized , he will Just witness the natural default reality…..for him or her the whole brahmanda is the same and godly , where is the maya…. He goes beyond indriyas, so he is not maya bound.

on the other hand a religionists just by saying some sanskrit shlokas, pretends he is mahabhakta, as a matter of fact they are so far from the truth and they will never come close to it as they are stuck in the mental fixations of the mind…. Cheating themselves and pure bhaktas…..

That’s why we see so

Many fake baba sprouting everywhere these days…. Because they have hidden agendas.

46.Dinesh ji,

Guru is not one person and he or she cannot be THE person.

If you are sincere and honest student …. The guru is everywhere and everything .

It’s the Most simple Natural

Common sense truth.

I have made

Very exhaustive and intense search for guru ‘s and travelled so

Much when I found a name…. But most of them turned out to be imperfect , but sure each taught me something .

My search stopped when I found from few who don’t have names and who are so advanced and simple and unreachable and they said eeshwara or THE GURU is in our heart .

That’s what is the final answer one will find after visiting years of multiple temples visits, yatras, dikshas, aradhanas, VEDANTA scriptures studies for years , yagnas, Homas, pujas etc etc.

But till one realizes that … One shud continue what they are doing .

48.Dear Beautiful God given family,

Have you ever observed when you say in daily life, “My body”, “My Prana”, “My mind”, “My Indriya”.

You don’t say …” Me body”, ” Me Mind”, ” Me Prana”.

This clearly denotes that the Self or The real you is entirely different from the body, the mind, the Prana and the Indriyas.

The mind and the body are your servants or tools only.

They are as much outside of you as any other materialistic objects like the towels, chairs,phones, tables  cups are.

You are holding the body just as you are holding a long walking stick in your hand. You are the possessor or proprietor of this body.

The body, the senses, the mind, etc., are not the soul, but belong to it.

That’s why you witness the activities of this objects just like you witness any other outside objects.

That’s why when a person dies , the body lies around on the floor and will not move , because the real thing inside is gone and all this while we make a very very big mistake in thinking thinking the body is the person .

This is a very simple, but very effective proof for the existence of the universal Soul.

Understanding this is like pre school in spirituality and paves way for understanding higher realms of life and the secrets of creation and going closer to real God.

The real self or soul or aatman is not a body mind person.

The real self is sat chit ananda swaroopa.. You are infinite impersonal being .

Feel the divinity in your hearts dear bhagavad bhandus.

You are the walking temple.

Hari om tat sat

49.Not sure about thought provoking , but This is a very easy one sir…

Just question this so called suffering …. Who is the sufferer ??

We all woke from our sleep few hours ago…. Where was this suffering and illusions and the this concepts of God in the sleep??

As soon as a person wakes up, the suffering is remembered from memories and from that memory also comes a tricky identification called body identification , deha branthi…. Which will

Make him think he is in illusions and he is suffering  and he is ignorant.

All deha branthi and indriya gochara jnana leads mankind with questions like this because knowledge from outward tools only give outward perspective .

We are already happy, that’s our inherent nature .

Ignorance exists only for those who believe they are ignorant , but the moment a spark of jnana touches his consciousness , he is free from it, like a small match stick firing the whole jungle.

Our real SELF is infinite beingness , eternal and all existing and all knowing happiness.

Suffering, illusions and concepts of his exist only at the level of the mind .

A bit more expansion on the above snippet, so that you get more clarity……

You have a body and a mind. You have prana inside, which is called the vital force.

You breathe in and out constantly. There is a very, very important activity going on in you: the breathing process.

You breathe even if you are not conscious that you are breathing—as, for instance, when you are asleep.

Somebody is guarding you even if you are unconscious of your own safety.

Are you contributing anything to the breathing that is taking place while you are sleeping? Have you done any service to the breath?

The beating of the heart and the working of the prana in the form of breathing go together.

47.Class Attendance

School Name: Life

Class: 40 th Std (All students are above 40 years)

Anger – Present sir

Anxiety – Present sir

Boredom – Present sir

Desires – Present sir (in full volume)

Frustration – Present sir

Monthly EMI – Present sir (in full volume)

Office Tension – Present sir

Sadness – Present sir

Worries – Present sir

Uncertainties – Present sir

Happiness – ??? (no sound)

Happiness – ???

Happiness – Absent sir

Peace of mind – Absent sir

Contentment – Absent sir

Class teacher: In life, there is nothing called sadness. Either Happiness Present or Happiness Absent.

Life is very simple to live, but many find it difficult to be simple.

Make it Simple!

Have a fabulous life .

“The amount of money that’s in your bank at the time of death, is the extra work you did which was not necessary”

Enjoy life!

49.Swami Vivekananda —

Do not stand on a high pedestal and take 5 cents in your hand and say, “here, my poor man”, but be grateful that the poor man is there, so by making a gift to him you are able to help yourself.It is not the reciever that is blessed, but it is the giver.Be thankful that you are allowed to exercise your power of benevolence and mercy in the world, and thus become pure and perfect.

50.Pramodh Ji I have question.. How to interpret or understand dreams? Or the larger question is.. Does one need to pay any attention to dreams at all? Can you shed some light on this. Thanks in advance

No never take dreams seriously, there is deep 4 phase analysis of dream states in VEdanta.

I will call you to explain you in length but in short ….the impressions registered in the mind from the waking state  continue to project on the screen of mind when the senses are shut down in sleep, this impressions are called dreams and they are distributed very randomly …. Dreams are also very closely related to Rapid eye movement cycles of 9 and your state of mind only.

For example: a beggar who has a certain ego and personality in waking state as being poor and hungry will have a totally different ego and personality in dream state , when he dreams of a palatial house and big car.

The begger when he wakes up thinks that he had a great dream , but fails to understand that its totally different ego  and that the mind created a random distribution of impressions and created a totally different personality with same associated attributes of this beggar.

Lot of people take dreams so seriously and mess up there life… One of my acquaintance who had a dream of his temple room in the house burning and he spent thousands and thousands of rupees for the so called shanti puja, when a pujari scared him to the core for squeezing money from him .

He got so depressed and messy because of that dream that his job got in trouble and personal life became a mess.

All He needed to know was that dream’s origination was a “scare impression ” that was registered in his memory from movie or scene he saw some where.

Usually all the desires , wants, fears etc creates this random impressions distributions in dreams to create a story in that state.

Superstition and religious ideas adds this unnecessary values to dreams, but when Vedanta helps clearly define the difference between dream state and waking state very clearly with very clear analysis.

52.How can you identify some one as a realized soul ????

How can we be sure someone is a fake or

Pretending ??

How can we find our real guru??

This is the most common queries that’s been asked by all sincere aspirants in the spiritual path.

Suppose I tell you that a certain “X” is a realized soul, how can you verify this statement and how far will you be benefited by him…. When you are not ready ?

Suppose I introduce a 5 grader to a phd professor , can that kid understand that professors words and language???

Realized souls are not rare , they are so many , unlike pundits , priests and baba’s and pitadipathis, they don’t create hungama and publicity and they go on about living a silent life without any marketing .

Only a diamond can recognize an other diamond, not even gold can come close to diamond, what about ordinary metals,

Same thing Ordinary ignorant-minded persons cannot easily recognize them. Only a few persons who are pure and are embodiments of all virtuous qualities can understand realized souls and they only will be benefited by their company.

There is no use of running around and around in search of realized men.

Because man of today is too skeptical and doubtful of everything , he lost the value of trust, he doesn’t trust himself , how can he trust the nature ???

Even if Lord Krishna remains with you, He cannot do anything for you, unless you are fit to receive Him. Realize this point well and purify yourself by Nishkama Karma Yoga, charity, concentration, meditation, Japa and indriya nigraham, Mano nigraham.

Testing a Guru is highly difficult. Don’t use your intellect here. Have faith and trust .

The real aspirant is quite free from such questions and doubts.

When you are really really really READY at HEART, you will see that your life long searching GURU or realized soul has been so close to you all the while and it will come

One day for sure for sincere aspirants.

53.Dear Sadhakas….

A person I know studied for ten years under the strictest Yogic discipline and pursued all Vedas with some of the great teachers , person used to guru shopping all jumping from

One place to other and used to teach everywhere too with all great mantras and shlokas on his tongue and finally now gave up and came to The conclusion  that all the time was wasted and that it is all a hoax .

I felt From the account of that person he was not qualified to benefit by contact with any highest mahatma’as internally he was never ready and all that his studies was just a show off , but never  real had

Interest or pure love of GOD.

He had a secret agenda for winning fame or money .

The one thing needed for spiritual progress is perseverance.

He was stuffing himself with the writings of many, each of whom pointed a different path.

One who wants to sink a well must go on digging in one place till one strikes water. If he digs pits in a hundred places, each not more than 5 feet deep, he will not have dug a well.

That was his case. What value can be attached to his opinions?

He was talking great things about God and arma gyanm ,but himself was depressed and sad and living in misery all the time with all wrong ambitions.

54.Good morning family

Why does not the benevolent, kind and all-merciful Eeshwara help the righteous man and give him happiness???

Why does He leave him to the mercies of his Purva Karma???

Why does onlookers feel dharma following sincere people suffer more ???

Karma is like a wheel. It has to work out, because the force that set it in motion has to be spent.

It is a cycle of action and reaction. Just as the arrow once discharged from the bow cannot be withdrawn, even if the hunter feels that he has aimed at a wrong target, Prarabdha Karma, the fruit of those Karmas performed in previous births that have come up for experience in this present birth, cannot be annulled.

How then does Eeshwara help His devotee??

The all-merciful God does help His devotee by strengthening his will-power and buddhi, his power of endurance and mental strength to bear the Karma-Phala with a cheerfulness.

The devotee is certainly not left to the mercy of his Purva Karma; he is beautifully clothed in the protective shield of His grace.

Just as in the worst winter and violent storm, you remain unaffected in your own house and in your warm clothing, the devotee (though to the onlookers he is poor, sick or suffering) does not feel that he is suffering at all and is ever happy and blissful in His remembrance.

Feel the divinity in your hearts .

Hari ohm

55,Great question brother …. Some part of your question hits very highest questioning… I tried to put some context here, see if it helps.

Upanishad philosophers describe brahman as saguna and and nirguna.

But pay attention when you say ‘nirguna’, the word ‘guna’ refers to the three gunas of Prakriti.

When brahman is associated with prakriti or maya constituted of the three gunas it is spoken of as saguna brahman.

Guna,which constitute maya, are not qualities in the usual sense of the word. so the usual translation of ‘nirguna brahman’ as ‘attributeless brahman’ is not quite correct.

It is prakrriti or maya, made up of the three gunas in the matter, that has become transformed as all the bodies, organs and objects for serving the souls for purely there evolutionary purpose only.

When brahman has any upadhi such as maya, avidya, mind, etc., the upadhi becomes a distinguishing feature. In the taittirIya upanishad , brahman is described as inexpressible.

Only what has a vishesha or distinguishable feature or a Guna can be expressed.

brahman is inexpressible because it has no vishesha or guna. Thus it is nirvishesha, means brahman without upadhi or form or shape or name.

When this nirvishesha brahman is looked upon as having a vishesha in the form of an upadhi, it becomes savishesha brahman, same as saguna brahman.

So now this savishesha brahman with gunas to happen, it needs some manifestation parameters, and they are called as Space, Time and Causality.

So simply put, all the manifestation and evolution is happening in space and time……..what happens to a car when the time parameter is increased and it is able to travel at the speed of light ………can you still say “car existed”……because at that rate you wont see a car, you will see a speck of dazzled light that sparkled not even for a second…..where is the car at that point of time and space??????

56.The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts !

A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer. humility, sacrifice and hard work !

57.What we notice is change everywhere. Maybe within our own body or mind, or maybe in the world out there outside ourselves nothing stays the same. Ever since the universe has originated 13.8 billion years ago, there is not even a moment that things were stay put.

Six factors of change are inescapable for anything in the universe. They are the existence (asti), genesis (jAyate), growth (vardhate), modification (vipariNamate), decline (apakshIyate), and death (vinasyati).

In some cases the process of change takes place very fast and hence becomes obvious to us. In other instances the change happens at such a very slow pace that it can be recognized only in eons of time.

Perhaps the fastest change happens in our mind – our fleeting thoughts that zip by at an alarming speed. Many thoughts occur so fast that we may not be even be aware of them occurring. You realize you are angry only after your body has tensed up, your face was frowning and you raised your voice; but you missed to detect the thought of anger in your mind that occurred prior to all those bodily sensations.

Examples for the slowest rates of change may be the shifting of the very land mass below your feet due to tectonic forces at the rate of a few centimeters a year or the rate at which colossal mountain ranges collapse to give way to stream courses. That means nothing is stable. Change is always happening.

But Vedanta stands tall and firm to say that nothing really is happening.

Sadhana is the way to understand this contradiction…….

Feel the divinity in your hearts dear sadhakas………….you are the walking temple……you are the walking universe.

Hari Om

57.We  are a walking Multiverse and passive deity of that said Multiverse .

Matter and actions is nothing but a series of chemical reactions ,electrical impulses and, ultimately, a collection of atoms .

they are are just flowing from place to place and momentarily comes together to become self or individual.

Humaness  has no meaning, There is nothing called death or birth, no one is dying or being born .

When you die, you return to nothingness.Every moment you die and and a new you begins. But death is not eternal. You exist in an infinite amount of ways. All atoms are merely other universes and vise-versa.

Silence is talking….divine beauty is all around us…. Behold it.

Hari Om Tat Sat

59.This Self cannot be cut, burnt, wetted, nor dried up.  It is eternal, all-pervading, stable, immovable and ancient.

The Self is very subtle.  It is beyond the reach of

speech and mind.  It is very difficult to understand this subtle Self.

Sword cannot cut this Self.  So It is eternal.  Because It is eternal, It is all-pervading.  Because It is all-pervading, It is stable like a statue.  Because It is Stable, It is immovable.  It

is everlasting. Therefore, It is not produced out of any cause.  It is not new.  It is ancient.

This Self is you … You are just a name and a form… …you are not the body , you are so so so much beyond all this transient elements.

Hari Ohm

Dear bhagavad bhandus :

Iam postings some really wonderful snippets from a wonderful  satsangh we had recently, questions were so direct and higher goal oriented….. Posting it here , hope it helps for Sadhakas aiming high in spirituality .




What is death really mean ??

Death (better word is transformation) is to the body, the costume at the gross level or subtle level, not to SELF or Awareness.

Nothing is ending, one form is reshaping to another. We cannot imply that what has been there ceases to be there. All forms leads to an infinite regression leading to Brahman.

So forms as forms may die. Forms as Brahman do not.

Are there two things – the universe or the world and the man??

There are no two things; Universe is known to the deity.

All is in Awareness and awareness is known to awareness.

What is the body/matter (atoms) and where is the place they move?

Most of the atom is empty including the nucleus, which also does not appear to be really solid either. A quark is a tiny particle which makes up protons and neutrons  and comprises them and does not account much for the mass of the atom. Most of the mass is some mystery particles.

They seem to be moving in space, which again in its infinite regression leads to nothingness.

What or who is it that dies than ??

At the time of death, the individuality does not get dissolved, though the physical constituents or gross body may be separated and dissolved and transformed into something. Individuality cannot be the body, because it is discarded and it is dissolved into the physical elements of which it is composed. It cannot also be the essential SELF, because the SELF is a Universal Presence which cannot be said to be subject to transformation of any kind. What else transmigrates?

The peculiar thing called the individual is neither the body nor the SELF. It is a strange mix up of localized self-assertion in terms of space and time, and this principle of self-assertion is impossible to define except as a peculiar pressure-point which is generated by the influence of space-time upon consciousness which by itself is indivisible. This point of pressure in space-time caused is called the mind. This pressure of consciousness is causing the individual self-sense.

Again as explained in the first question: So forms and identities may die and have a lifecycle process. Forms as Brahman do not.

If there is no humanness or person doesn’t exist ….who is doing this talking ??

Humaness is a coined word and words cannot explain everything.  There is no “human “as such, there are beings, when the forms and shapes are dissolved.

I saw a video yesterday, where a rescued Lion was pouring its love on the person who saved it, no different like a human being with all the hugs and kisses, where is its animalness?

I saw the universal language called love…..which is the divine expressing itself.

It’s the “memory of the individual” helps in recognising the names when you meet a known person…. But vedanta and neuro endocrinology clearly says memory happens in time and it’s not real and it’s absolutely transient.

But then quickly it changes into “IS” ness and intelligence is communicated as the content….all happening in consciousness.

When Mind is dissolved, all that is happening is the pure consciousness expressing as Love, Joy, Happiness, Kindness, Knowledge, and Beingness….

Consciousness is ALL and that’s the only one talking to itself…..

Behold the mighty of eeshwara all Round in his magnanimous glory and wonder ….

Sarvoham sarvoham sarvoham.

Hari OM

58.Dear bhagavad bhandus

Prarabdha can be overcome by the grace of the Lord. The Lord’s grace descends when there is sincere devotion and when man does Purushartha. Purushartha is possible when the mind is pure. The mind becomes pure when one does acts of kindness and charity. The laws of nature do not operate when there is the grace of the Lord. His grace is all-powerful. We have the instance of Markandeya who conquered death by his Purushartha, by sincere devotion to the Lord. He was destined to die young, but when the Lord’s grace descended, Lord Yama had no power to carry out his wish. So it is possible to overcome Prarabdha by Teevra Purushartha

Hari ohm

Well not the entire Prarabdha will be cleansed, but the grace will make a snake bit into an ant bite….. But the bite will be there .

But grace can be achieved with sincere sadhana only.

60.Dear bhagavad bhandus

If God can speak English, he would say this to make us come close to him :

Where do you search for me …. My dearest friend ????

I am with you all the time , very very closest of close you can think of holding your hand every microsecond.

Iam Not in pilgrimage, nor in idols…..Neither in solitudes Not in temples, nor in mosques , not in churches…not in the books and not in the traditions or the cultures or the rituals or the Pujas.Neither in Kaba nor in Kailash

I am with you o my friend , I am with you.

Not in prayers, nor in meditation, Neither in fasting,Not in mantra, not in yantra , not in tantra .

Not in yogic exercises,Neither in sanyaas.

Iam the vital force beyond the body, creating its moments.

Iam the breath of the breath

Seek earnestly and discover me in a moment of search….. Listen for me with care, Where your faith is, I am there.

Behold my omnipresence ,in my Mighty wonder everywhere around you, iam spreading my arms so wide Open for you all.

Come fall and seek shelter in my arms…. Like a child with his Mother .

Hari OM

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