Essence of Sri Rama Kalyanam

Regarding sri rama  navami :
Once a salt doll wanted to measure the depth of the ocean and went into exploring it, but little did it know it that it will merge itself in the infinite ocean and cannot be measurable .
Salt doll —- people
Measuring : rama Nama

When jiva takes the name of rama again and again and again  with pure love .he will merge into infinity .
All existing name called rama is expressed through that jiva in a limited view.
When RAma and Sitamma got married so long ago , why does he celebrate kalyanam every year followed by rama pattabhishekam. ??????
After all a person gets married once and celebrates marriage day every year , but why is rama getting kalyanam every year ??
Is there a spiritual secret and symbolic meaning to the sequence of execution of this rituals ????
Absolutely yes, that’s what the real purposes of all itihasas and Puranas are.
Ramayanam is a itihasam.
They are not mere stories and cannot be taken literally.
When performing rituals, understands the symbolic higher meaning behind it them , than the higher essence is readable in this life time.
Rama means eeshwara, Sitamma means jiva, when jiva merges his limited self just like that salt doll into INFINTE eeswara , there is infinite and inexpressible joy , in expressible joy …….  That joy is called kalyanam.
It’s a call for sadhana.
And now that jiva is merged into EESHWARA ,let him rule the jiva, this is called sarAnagathi—- self surrender , that’s th hurst essence of love , that’s what Sita Amma stands for.
Now that we gave all of ourselves to EESHWARA and asked him to rule our hearts the symbolic meaning of rama pattabhishekam .
Rama is in our hearts ruling us every microsecond as our breaths and subtle breaths , he is keeping us alive to give us a chance to know himself.
Let’s merge ourselves into him, that’s why we are born , the unrealized will be born again and again and suffering  never ends.
Every festival in india carries a higher spiritual call
Cherish it love it and feel the eternal love of EESHWARA .
Wit that with lots of love ,! I wish you all sri rama navami subhakankshalu
Rama means Eeshwara or paramatma

Pointers from Satsangs: Part 2

1. Idol Worship : When God is all-pervading formless Being. Why do religions confine God to an idol? What is the use of idol worship?
The divinity of the all-pervading God is vibrant in every atom of creation. ((for a typical human of 140 pounds there are almost 7*1027 atoms  and 37 trillion cells) where is not a speck of space where He is not. If this is the number just in 1 human body…… What about 7.2 billion population and what about entire living and non living population of the universe ???????its unimaginable and speechless ………..
Why do we then say that He is not the idols?
The idol is a support structure for the beginner in a long spiritual journey . Just like you need to graduate from elementary school , but the goal is PHD.
Spiritual progress is a BIG and LONG yatra or journey
It is a start of a persons spiritual childhood. A form or image is necessary for worship in the beginning. It is not possible for all to fix the mind on the Absolute or the Infinite. A concrete form is necessary for the vast majority for practicing concentration.
Idols are not the idle fancies of sculptors, but shining channels through which the heart of the devotee flows towards God. Though the image is worshipped, the devotee feels the presence of the Lord in it and pours out his devotion unto it. The idol remains an idol, but the worship goes to the Lord.
To a devotee, the image is a mass of Chaitanya or consciousness. He draws inspiration from the image. The image or idol guides him and helps bhakta to the next phase.
Idol worship is not peculiar to Hinduism. The Christians worship the Cross. They have the image of the Cross in their mind. The Mohammedans keep the image of the Kaaba stone when they kneel and do prayers. The mental image also is a form of idol.
All worshippers, however intellectual they may be, generate a form in the mind and make the mind dwell on that image. Everyone is an idol worshipper. Pictures and drawings are only a form of Pratima.
For a gross  mind it needs a concrete symbol as a prop or Alambana; for a subtle mind requires an abstract symbol. Fir example most of the subtle minded Vedantins has the symbol OM for fixing the wandering mind. So, idolatary should not be condemned but taught the right meaning and essence instead of blind worship.
But what happens when a child fails 10 th grade 10 times, is there a value to it ????
Same thing , we should graduate from temple worship and idolatary worship to universal God and eventually see God in everything as ” sarva atma Bhava ” and than get the PHD that is realize that you are the walking temple , you are the walking universe , every brain cell is connected to the entire cosmos , entire brahmanda is ALIVE and watching .
Feel the divinity in you
Hari Ohm tat sat
2. OneNess: At fundamental level we are all connected  as ONE , everything is connected to everything. This is the highest spiritual attainment .
3. Religion and Spirituality : Religions are different from spiritualists, for religionists temple is where God is, for spiritualist or jnani he or she is the walking temple and God is everywhere and everything, he doesn’t differentiate with a dress code or symbols and is beyond worldly religions and rituals , for jnanis all world is one and all beings are one.
Religions and philosophies have always limited human beings to a set of rules and never made them think out of the box with complete spiritual freedom for clear love of eeshwara .
SANATHANA dharma is not a religion it’s the mother of all spirituality , whereas Hinduism is a religion and as a matter of fact research says most of the religions of the modern time originated from spiritual university called SANATHANA dharma.
Study the lives of saints like Thyagaraja, Ekanath, Narsi Mehta, Bhadrachalam Ramdas, Tukaram, sri rama , sri Krushna ,Namdev, Jayadeva, Chaitanya and Kabir  they are in  grihssta
Ashrama and followed SANATHANA dharma , they never said they were followers of Hinduism , all religions are modern concepts and are limited and never really help mankind reach the final goal of life, no wonder we see so many wars and killings in the name of religion.
Buddha never taught Buddhism , it came long after he was gone, Jesus never taught Christianity , it came 200 years after Jesus was crucified , same with Jainism , Islam , same with advaita or vaishnavism, the original teachers never invented anything, they followed SANATHANA dharma, people later on created this “ism” and philosophies for there selfish motives .
The kind of destruction , killings and misery that’s pounded on mankind is shameful, because religions root is based on control, supremacy , power , politics and of course money
Know the truth and get free from the shackles of all this man made disturbances and silly concepts my dear bhagavad bhandus, life is beautiful God ‘s gift .
Christianity just like  Hinduism has 200 plus sub categories example Catholics , baptists , protesters etc etc
Most of the people don’t know this and think only in Hinduism there are categories like shaivism, vaishnavism , shaktism etc etc
But each Christian category teach differently like Mary is great vs Jesus is great and they fight too snd that’s how Columbus discovered America .
They are only looking at that level ONLY at the person level not beyond the subtler states beyond what made a JESUS  Into THE JESUS
Hinduism whereas is born straight as a twin of SANATHANA dharma and older Hinduism used to be very close to it and in modern days became corrupted , explores the subtler states and deals with multiple inner layers and koshas that made  a JESUS  Into THE JESUS
That’s why Hinduism has some mysticism, but can also be explained as science .
A good teacher can remove the sheath of mysticism in Hinduism , but unfortunately heads of religious organizations are too busy with there agenda and exaggerating mysticism to make people be slaves to them and live in superstition and fear and not telling the truth
spiritualism cannot be known , it has to be experienced into every bit of ur blood . Til than go to temple, but don’t go to temple as regular temple goers with a barter system attitude. go with a sense of what is going where feeling, than you will know your own answer.
What it means is , just think about who is the goer of the temple ???? Where is he actually going???? What is he going for ???? What is the bhakta doing after going to temple ?????
All this answers are in you already and u will know ur answers, just find answers for them and be utterly truthfull to yourself and answer will become narrower and narrower and will be become so super small and finally u will know the big answer that will bowl you away into INFINTE TEARS of joy. You will discover ur REAL SELF,
Enjoy every moment of it.
Feel the divinity in your hearts, you are the walking temple.
Hari om tat sat
4. Birth and Death : We are never born and we will never die and what you thought as real or told as real is a total utter terrible lie.
Physical frame is a costume sir, manifestation needs a costume . All costumes are jada or inert matter .
For example : we all saw a dead deer on the highways , what happened to  it?? we see the form lying on the road but it’s not moving , what is it that was inside it that made it move all this time ???? And what’s happening to it now???
Slowly the Caracas lying on the road disintegrates and blends into pancha Bhutas , and eventually the whole body disappears from that spot after few days….. Where did it go ?
Costumes are designed by the pancha Bhutas and when dissolved goes back to pancha Bhutas.
 They don’t have any Conciousness of there own the prana shakti pours iConciousness in to it.
A person lost his hand in a accident , he used to take such good care of it by applying cream to it and nice oils to it and on that day of accident the hand departed from his body , but the hand was lying around there and doesn’t care for this guy who cared it so much , than he understood oh my god this body is a jada. I had attachment on this and it doesn’t have any attachment on you , because it’s a jada. It’s doesn’t have any feelings.
But once manifestation occurs evolution  happens in space time and causality and it continues til the self merged into infinity and no costume is ever necessary .
This change in costumes with evolution is called rebirth , when evolution stops at one point , it starts again with different costume til it’s final goal is reached.
This is the symbolic meaning of GARLAND to the murthy in temple . Different flowers means different costumes, but one life means the one string that goes through All the flowers and all that goes  to swami means surrendering to him all under his control .
This body and the world is empirical reality or relative reality , it is vyavaharic satta. It is an phenomenon  or appearance with start date and end date , so cannot be taken as eternal or real , that’s the law of nature , all phenomena is brief , we learnt it in science classes in childhood.
Only Narayana or EESHWARA or atman or Brahman is eternal  …….every thing is just an appearance or a phenomena or relative reality or vyavaharic satta
What is the original state of sanatana dharma aka Hinduism?

5. WHO IAM I : Dear brothers and sisters, life is precious and a beautiful gift and we are born for a reason and its not random,

 Experiment it and find it out. You can start it by searching “WHO AM I”. Are you a body or a soul? If you consider yourself a body, you are limited /unhappy / in pain. Actually you are not a body. When you are in deep sleep do you feel your body? The answer is “no”. Does that mean that you do not exist in deep sleep? No, you existed in deep sleep also. It means you existed without body also. Accordingly you are not body. Then who you are ?????????
6: Hinduism:
The word pure Hinduism is itself a misnomer .
Hinduism as you see today is the distorted version of Sanatan Dharma. Just like Warangal’s original name was Orugal and Kakinada’s original name was Kokanadamu , same with sanathana dharma over time got distorted into Hinduism, it came with time with no actual inventor as a reference object by foreigners or outsiders  , who used to refer , just like the modern societies refer outsiders as  andhrites or telanagites or Punjabis or Indians.
 Actually Hinduism was name given by the group of people who was UNABLE to understand the actual nature of the SUPREME SELF to a group of people who were trying to reach the self.  Before the name “Hinduism” was given, the act of the people who were trying to understand the nature of self was called “Sanatan Dharma”.
The Vedas and Upanishads on which Hinduism is based do not contain any word named “Hinduism”.
 Hinduism in its confused glory is because it source was from people who were confused brought nothing but confusions and terrible disturbances to peacefulness and got stuck in caste systems, multiple gods and idols, relegation of women as inferior gender, sati system, temples , rituals, Animal sacrifices, desires based rituals, supremacy of one caste over the other etc etc etc
It might come as a surprise, but no where in VEDAM, there is mention of temple, It only mentions to pray fire  or agni and its attributable objects as the main god.
 That’s why the first sloka of Rigveda starts with Agni——-
 Sanatan Dharma means old / unchangeable nature. If you directly translate “Dharma” from Hindi to English it will mean religion. However the Dharma word with Sanatan does not mean religion as the layman understands it today. Dharma refers to real nature of Human being. This nature will not change whether you consider yourself to be of any religion.
Just like nature of the fire is to burn, the nature of the human being is to remain happy forever. You can judge by yourself. Whenever we are unhappy we try to come out of the unhappy situation as soon as possible. We do not want to remain in it. Now analyse the situation when you are happy. You will always try to remain in that situation for a longer period of time as far as possible. Accordingly the nature of human being is to remain happy forever. Just go deeper and you will find that all our act in life is to make ourself happy.
However since human being has diverted its way because of ignorance he / she is experiencing pain / sorrow in this life. Accordingly how to achieve our actual nature of always remaining in bliss. Sanatan Dharma makes us aware of that only. Accordingly whatever religion you follow does not matter. Ultimately you have to make yourself aware of actual self i.e your true nature.
Go into yourself and discover WHO AM I”. Are you a body or a spirit???
you are not a body. When you are in deep sleep do you feel your body? The answer is “no”. Does that mean that you do not exist in deep sleep? No, you existed in deep sleep also. It means you existed without body also. Accordingly you are not body. Then WHO ARE YOU REALLY ?????
9 .  What is outside world :
Dear family
The world that you see outside is the world projected by you. God did not create the world to dump it on you, you are the creator of that relative reality called world because of ignorance.please know that and than get the real freedom in life .
We are the reason for our own miseries and sufferings , there is no other person responsible for it.
We shud learn to accept our mistakes and criticism and weakness , only than u can go close to God .
Til than all temple visits , yagnam , puja, dhanam etc all is for spiritual entertainment and to build a spiritual ego.
Which is disastrous for a soul evolution and will cause even more suffering .
So is escaping from the world and running into the mountains and becoming sanyasi is the answer ???
 Absolutely No .Escape from the world is not the goal, but freedom from worldliness is what is desired, while still living in the world .
It’s like a boat in a river , it stays in the water but does not drown in it, but sails thru peacefully . Our lives shd be like that . Grihssta ashram a us the perfect system to sail thru like that boat for a sincere sadhaka
Selfless social work will give great guidance for life towards coming close to God .
The value of self less social work, however, is purely subjective. It is not that one makes himself a great reformer or a saviour of mankind, but that he offers his ego as a sacrifice at the altar of universal love and so obtains purity of mind, which is the basis of all spiritual progress. For a realized soul, however, it is an urge born out of compassion for his fellow-beings, for the love of vasudaikakutumbam .
Feel the divinity in your heart dear family.
Your are the walking temple and one step higher, you are the walking universe.
Hari Om tat sat
10:  Where is nature: Where is the nature ???? You are the nature …. All there is the pancha Bhutas including your natural costume we are wearing.
Our bodies are no different from panch Bhutas
Brahmanda = pindanda
Big nature outside = small nature as body and mind.
Actually pancha Bhutas is wrong too, because pancha Agni vidya says as follows:
Earth source is water , water source is fire , fire source is air , air source is space and space source is hiranya gharba.
All originates from EESHWARA .
So all what u see is not world but just multiple configurations of pancha Bhutas with divinity as the driver behind them , including the people reading this message.
Pause for a second and question ….. Who is reading it ????
Don’t think it’s ur eyes they are jada not even ur brain or mind , it’s a jada too? Not even prana shakti, it’s jada too….. Than who is the reader of this message ???????
U know the answer , that’s it ur free
Freedom from life and death, miseries , pains , NOTHING will ever touch u, when u know THE ANSWER
11: Self Less Giving :
This is the natural inherent law of nature itself.
Paropakar means giving without expecting anything in return or selfless giving .
Paropakaram Vahanti Nadya, Paropakaram Duhanti Gaaya Paropakaram Phalanti Vriksha, Paropakaram Idam Shareeram
“Rivers flow for Paropkar, Cows give milk for Paropkar, Trees bear fruits for Paropkar, similarly this body is also meant for Paropkar”
Also isopanishad says ” Tena tKtena bhunjitaha”
Which means rejoice in giving away selflessly .
Every thing in nature is already doing it.
For example look at a tree, when it’s alive it gives shade, fruits, leaves for medicinal purposes, and it does its seva even it dies by giving wood for fire or furniture or for making paper etc
We are the only species consuming everything that’s nature is giving .
We are nature too, we should align ourselves with nature, be generous and loving to the world , BEcause GOD is LOVE
12: God and Teacher : When you are going through difficulty and wonder where GOD is remember TEACHER is always quiet during the test..  is teacher quite ???
Teacher is not quite , but wants u to use all the knowledge and love he or she gave u already , so the teacher is not away, but so close to you that he holds ur hand as his teachings in the form of jyanam  and strength, courage in your mind.
So the test is God and solving knowledge is also God
He loves us so much , he is never never away or quite
13: Going deeper into your self :
So What if we are super successful?? So What if we are super rich ??? So What if we are super powerful??so What if we are enjoying luxuries every second ??? …..
So what ???????
Everything falls of if you really don’t know who you really are, all the above dreams a worldly person creates above mentioned will some and one day for sure will fall off .
Feel the real freedom , space,immaculate happiness like the one on a baby, you will know what we are.
When you go deeper in to your own self, no one has to explain anyone what is the definition of God ??
Most of the people talk a lot without practicing anything , they are called politicians .
Empty vessels make more
I say please do sadhana and talk abiu God , how sincere are we to sadhana…. Not no one cares or outs efforts ,but every one whoe has a mike talks so much ….. Dear family they are outward and fake only.
What is God? Some kind of eternal miracles doing person , sitting there always listening to our silly wishes and desires???
Is God some kind of a King , and we are his eternal slaves  and he is demanding eternal songs if praises on him for ever??? We know such kings are not real kings.
Is he a name or place or a thing or a object or what is the definition of God ???????????????????????
How do u want to see.
Than what is the definition of God ?????
 The problem is we are very badly stuck in our minds , how God should be?? We have already decided for him how he should look like and we also decide , what he likes and what he doesn’t like.
Every thing In our lives are preprogrammed and pre fixed, and concept of God also became one like that.
Drop all those concepts and pre programmed theories that all our minds are so busy with all the time, than you will know him.
You can never see him.
Iam in ashburn ? My sister in newjersey ? My parents in india and where is God???
He is in heaven.
Yaah right that’s the problem with mankind —- always outward looking.
Look inside , if you don’t know, than learn from some one and practise everyday twice a day, early mornng and night and you will feel in your heart:
You will watch your breath closely, it sings the eternal song of ‘Soham’,
“I am He, I am He”.
It reminds of the identity
Of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul.
There is no break in this song,that natural  music goes on day and night.
There are 21,600 breaths in a day, in that state Body-consciousness vanishes,
Time and space disappears
‘I’, ‘you’ and ‘he’ melts away,
‘This’ and ‘that’ evaporates
‘Here’ and ‘there’ dwindles away
It is all one mass of consciousness,
It is an ocean of bliss.
The seer, sight and seen became one.
All distinctions and differences melts away
Now tell me how else do you want me to describe the indescribable.
Iam trying very hard to explain beyond this, buts iam not getting words , I give up in explaining and describing that HIGHEST BEUTY .
Than I realize what vedam said :
God is none but SAT CHIT ANANDAM
Beingness , conciuosness  and love
Satyam gyanam anantham brahma.
Feel the divinity in your hearts.
You are the walking temple
Hari om
14. Beef eating Hindus :
Dear family,
Those who are tracking news lately, the buzz is about ” beef eating Hindus ” a separate group that’s created claiming Hindus has been eating meat meat since Vedic period  and beef eating is not a sin.
Western media caught hold of one of some self proclaimed indian historian  ,US professor MR. Kuncha Illiahs , he made big statement in western media on this hypocrisy of Indians supporting beef eating
Yes the fact is true that during Vedic and post Vedic periods cow slaughter was highest and it is one of the reason for Buddhism to be born, but they are non sadhakas living as sadhakas who used to eat it and got addicted to it.
Western media is having fun with this and making fun of india.
I wrote an email to MR . Illiahs condemning his enthusiasm to speak in media without verifying facts and without looking at it from spiritual angle too.
This started as cow slaughter is getting banned in indian since modi govt and rss is acting on it .
Not just beef , all meat eating on medical, psychological, moral and spiritual grounds should be banned.
Chandogya upanishad in chapters 6 very clearly says The mind is made up of the essence of the food that a man takes. Tamasic food results in a Tamasic mind. Meat is Tamasic and hence should be avoided.
When an animal is killed or butchered, a contraction of its nervous system takes place on account of fear. (you might have felt certain disturbances in your own stomach when you have experienced fear.) This leads to the secretion of certain poisons in the liver, etc., of the animal. These poisons are cumulative in their nature and are never removed or lost during the process of boiling or cooking meat. Hence, meat-eating is poisonous and dangerous in the long run.
There is no difference between you and an animal when both are considered as souls inhabiting the bodies. From whichever source you derive the right to live and enjoy in this material body, from that very same source, the souls of these animals have derived equal rights to live and enjoy in their material bodies. Hence, you do not possess the moral right to kill a single living being,bornhurtbanyine
however small it may be.
Last. but not the least, there is One Consciousness which has expressed itself in the form of the various beings, animate and inanimate. And this makes you one with all beings. When you have known this, will you consciously hurt any being? Can you willingly and joyously cut your own fingers and cook them and eat them?
Develop love for them and promote oneness
Hari om
14 . Love and Respect :
Dear family ,
If i can love your heart with out any conditions …… Where is the war???
While food is a daily need for body ,
LOVE , RESPECT, JOY , BLISS are needs of the default nature in all if us.
That’s why those who don’t have that in there lives and don’t share that to world are like Living dead already .
Towards that, lets start taking small steps by not saying Hi and Hello to your fellow beings, ( I understand you cannot say that at work , but at least at home and temple ) but start saying “Namaskaram” with a sense that the living God is standing right in front of you. When you meet your fellow brother, don’t shake hand; if possible give him a brotherly hug.
When you see or meet a female gender , feel the vibrance of srimatha tatva in her and call her ” Amma ” or make her ur sister.
Call others with a sense of respect , so that your ego never bites you , like calling ” sir”.
Calling “sir” doesn’t mean supremacy or superiority , it’s a way to succumb your ego and giving respect to the other person, so that your conduct is intact when conversing with the other person.
Can you imagine the values you pass to the next generation when we practise this in front of our kids ???
We are reaching them practically in action, not by preaching and they learn quickly from parents as we are there role models ????
Just sharing a personal experience, when I met a decent stranger few years ago at a temple in India and after some Vedantic talk, we were departing, and instead of shaking hands, I suggested if I can give a brotherly hug. Little did I know……. the tears of love and joy were flowing from his eyes.
Til today he stands a good friend and god given brother of mine, Make all your relations godly as they are coming into your life not as a people, but as a living god in disguise to teach you something or to give you love.
Hari Om Tat Sat
15:  Wife and Husband :
how many times did you care your wife like your child ??
have you ever given a warm hug and told her how proud you are for everthing she is does, for her shoutings and smiles
because she is There in your life ?
 how many times did we say its because of her iam getting fed, its because she cooks and feeds food for us and food keeps us alive ( dont say , you can get food outside too, if you spend some money, yaah
right, all sane people know how much food industry is killing peoples health and longevity with there added junk and chemicals to comestable foods, they are not adding health and love, they are adding poisons and death to you very slowly)
how many times did we took her in your arms and hold her the right way just like your child and put her on your lap and rubbed her hair ?
don’t you think she will do a selfless surrender to you ??
how many times did you “see her” through your eyes, instead of listening to judgements from others and branding her as so and so ???
do you know her pains ??
do you know why is she really sad ??
Hold her in your arms and make her feel like there is nothing in this world that can make her feel peaceful, than in the arms of your godly love.
Just in case if you dont know
and the same applies for Wife to Husbands, nothing works in one way, its always two ways.
Love and peace starts from self first ,love yourself and love your family and than the world .
Feel the divinity in your hearts bhagavad bhandus
16: What happens during Nidhidyasana:
Dear family
What happens when 1000 watts of electricity goes into 60 watts capacity bulb, same happens after after a true intense Nidhidyasana session ??
Have you ever felt your heart vibrate in joy ??
Have you ever hold your chest that it’s going to explode ( unharmful but highly vibrant) after deep intense Nidhidyasana session????
Have you ever felt an impersonal beingness all around you??
Have you hair risen out of ur body electrified and stunned???
Have you experienced cold chills in your spine with tremors in your mid brain and top fontanel.???
Have you expiernced a joy so higher and so wonderful that nothing in this material world has ever given you and can ever give you??????
Have you tasted the taste of the your infinite tears of joy drooling down your eyes without ur conscience non stop , they just don’t stop, even if you stop ???
If yes than question, what’s happening than and there ???????
No more discussions , no more nothing is ever needed….. You are free, but you cannot express it, it’s beyond speech and indescribable , it’s unlimited freedom .
We are all wired the same way inside, Brahma anubava and brahma ananda is not meant for limited people , it’s for everyone and anyone can be that ( irrespective if religions, regions, languages,gender, etc etc),
all u need is consistent and dedicated SADHANA  and plenty and plenty and plenty of pure love in EESHWARA .
Feel the divinity in your hearts
You are the walking temple
Hari om tat sat
17: Good Information for India:
✴Good news✴
Supreme Court has announced now that any person who meets with road accidents can be taken to a nearby hospital immediately.
Hospital must not  ask for police report to admit him/her, it’s Dr’s duty to provide first aid. Police can be informed later.
Please pass this to all. It may help someone… to save life. 👍👍👍👍
Railway authorities have introduced a system where one can complain from a running train.
The SMS about complaint will be acknowledged & attended.
Give the train no, bogie no,precise nature of  complaints like
-no water in bath room/
no lights/
fan not working/
security problem etc through sms.
It is an effective tool.
The railway complaint sms
no: is 8121281212.
Please pass on this message, its very helpful
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18: What is illusion and what is Real :
So here is the question:
 that is where the confusion comes for me.  If this is all a drama then why should I care for anything or anybody? If somebody is crying with hunger pains, should I say it’s all a drama or illusion and not help. Is that hunger or pain an illusion or real?
What is illusion and what is real?
Answer :
this might be long , but read it in leisure and no hurries
Here’s an example  that might help resolve your question, try and see if it makes sense:
From the viewpoint of ocean, water is:
·         one  (whole ocean, collected of a assortment of waves, is nothing but one and the same water).
·         all-pervasive (there is no part of ocean where water is not).
·         changeless (water remains H2O throughout the ocean).
·         independent (ocean cannot exist without water, but water does not need to be in the form of the ocean).
In contrast, every wave is different from every other wave in size, temperature, location, speed, power, every wave is changeable, limited, dependent.
Yet, when asked to touch the wave, we touch water. And on the beach, when asked to touch water, we touch the wave.
Each and every wave is nothing but water, but water is not the wave: the wave cannot exist without water, but water continues whether or not it is in the form of a wave.
Also, water does not change its nature as water to become wave.
So where does the wave come from? What changes?
The stillness of water, when disturbed, takes the form of ripples, waves, tsunamis.
 They arise out of the stillness of water and resolve back into the stillness. Water remains water whether in the form of stillness or in the form of wave.
So how does this apply to the relationship between eeshwara and the world ? drama, illusion and real ?? eeshwara is the intelligent and material cause of the universe, and he just manifests.
Just map this onto the above example… eeshwara  = water, drama or illusion = stillness of water, wave = manifest world.
Just as the stillness of water and water are not two separate things, so too illusory world is not a second thing that can exist independent of eeshwara. Water as the substratum of stillness or waveform remains unchanged in nature;
Water-wave is an example of the changing and changeless co-existing in the same locus.
The changeless Eeshwara and ever-changing universe co-exist, the former being real and independent,
the latter being drama/illusory and dependent. Wave and water are both seen simultaneously; what you see depends on where you focus.
Just as you don’t need to flatten the ocean full of waves to know that it is ultimately a manifestation of water, same like that one can with knowledge accepts the drama and illusory world as the lap of eeshwara.
Now to your other question , if somebody is crying with hunger pains what do you do, is it illusory ?
we go give some food with love, when there is only god as the water example above, god takes care of himself, someone( in the form of god) with love gives food.
Just like the big wave helps the small wave to be consumed into it from the above example, a mighty hearted person in godly form accommodates the hungry person’s hunger into him.
Food is the nature’s dharma for the body form to survive and be alive, body has 4 natural dharmas ( food, defending, resting and procreation)
Love is the highest nature. Everything is lowest, all lowest tendencies are getting purified to become the highest.
So love heals and helps all lower tendencies.
Karma yoga explains  perfectly how the real and the illusory merge towards a natural action with out conditions.
We can talk one of this days.
Hari om tat sat
19: Misconceptions about Brahma Gyanis:
Dear family
What a wonderful sri rama kalyanam celebration it was at our temple  yesterday .
But the word “kalyanam”, Reminds me of sri rama was in grisstashrama or a family life.
Ramayana being Such a popular itihasa,paints such a fixed image in our minds about rama ,
but when you read , understand and comtemplate ” yoga VAsista”, you will know a totally different picture of RAma.
He was total depressed person at age 17 ( even though by that age he had learnt so many vidyas and won kudos from everyone for his smartness and intelligence in various vidyas)
sometime living in loneliness away from people.
Well his thoughts just like any serious sadhaka was around……. What is this world??? What is God mean ???  Who IAM I actually ???
All those vidyas he learnt was in vain, because they weren’t answering him those highest and biggest and serious questions of his life???
Dasaradha was so worried for his favorite son , that’s when his parama guru VASISTA comes and starts teaching the brahma gyana.
Which moulds life of rama from a ordinary man to a divine man and a self realiZed brahma gyani.
Manavude madhavudu transformation .
As a brahma gyani , He does such a good job being a king, a husband, a son, a brother , a friend etc.
As a brahma gyani , a matter of fact he becomes father only after coming rescuing Sitamma from LANKA .
Almost same story with srikrishna , Study his life , he questioned the same at his tender years and know the truth  and he was a great king , husband , father, friend etc and never left his kingdom , but he is Brahma gyani too.
Same with janaka and  If you Study the lives of so
Many other other brahma gyanis like Thyagaraja, Ekanath, Narsi Mehta, Bhadrachalam Ramdas, annamacharya, Tukaram ,Namdev, Jayadeva, Chaitanya and Kabir  they are in  grihssta Ashrama as husbands  with families  and also they did a great job in there professions too.
Tukaram ji was a businessman , he did multiple dharmic and simple business , though a simple one , because he knows the brahma gyana.
There are so many misconceptions that some how creeped into our culture and mindsets, leading to confusions about brahma gyanis :
1.There is a common misconception in our societies that to be a Brahma gyani  and to learn the highest essence of EESHWARA , one has to run away into the mountains leaving professions , leaving wife and children , leaving family—— those are sanyasis belonging to sanyasashram , that’s comes after grihssta Asram in old ages.
2.i met some People who even think Brahma gyanis are dead vegetable and fit for nothing……. They are not dead vegetables , there minds work are so super fine state at higher realms and are so powerful they balance the nature that we complAin of rain , summer and snow etc
3. They are mad people: they look like it because there Truths and the way they live are hard to digest for common man.
4. Modern world will eat  them away:
They are so free from the modern and also the world , they don’t bite them , in fact brahma gyani smells the Modern person coming his way and Becomes alert , as his mind can grasp that.
5.they don’t have active life: some of brahma gyani’a are iAs officers and some ips officers , some vice president at big IT firms.
They are as active as normal people , except they are very very very different inside.
That’s why it’s hard to find them and recognize them as they don’t say anything and act unless a serious sadhaka with pure heart asks a QUESTION .
May the knowledge set us all free
Hari om
20: We are one:
Dear family
Iam not different from you and as a matter of fact no different from anyone .
We are all made of the same natural ingredients inside
We are all wired the same inside.
Once you know that , you don’t need google to find answers  or VEDANTA or write articles or books
All answers are in you and all articles in you and all VEDANTA is in you
Hari ohm
We never die, all this hungama about death is a mirage , body does not you .Body dies not the REAL self.We were never born , so where is death.
21: Manifestation and Evolution:
when you say we are never born, you are referring to soul, correct? The process of soul going into an embryo, developing as a baby and coming out mother’s womb …what do you call this process?
Right, that process is called manifestion and evolution
The REAL YOU is witnesser of that manifestation and evolution
You are that INFINTE awareness being who is witnessing all the drama unfolding in front of you called body and the actions of the body in th form of manifestation and evolution
Which both happen in space and time , that’s why Einsteins relativity theory  points toward the the illusory affect of space time dimensions.
22. So u say scientist Einstein is a Tatva Gnani??

Yes sir rishis are not different than scientists .

Rishis is a word most of Indians are stuck as we are from india , it doesn’t mean there cannot be be rishis from other countries and they don’t call them rishis in that part of the world .

If Einstein wears saintly vastras and wears all signs and beards etc and if he talks theory of relativity ,! Sure our Indians wud have build ashrams for him and made him baba

Essense of Ugadi

Dear Family,

Yugādi,Ugādi ,Samvatsarādi is called with multiple names across India and some parts of outside India as well, BUT THE ESSENCE is the same.

(Telugu: Ugadi, Kannada: Yugadi, Konkani/Marathi: yugādi and Gudi padwa in Marathi, In some parts of India it is known as Vikram Samvat or Bhartiya Nav Varsh. Rajasthan- Thapna, Sindhis- Cheti Chand, Manipuris -Sajibu nongma panba, Punjab-Baisakhi , Himachal Kullu Vally – seri Saja , Tamil Nadu -Puthandu and West Bengal -Pohela Boishakh , Kerala- Vishu ,In Mauritius, Hindus of Bali and Indonesia also celebrate their new year on the same day as Nyepi)

Ugadi – as per Shastra, It’s a beginning of new era, it is the day Brahma started the creation of the Universe.   New era of what??? Didn’t we see new beginnings last year; are we not going to see again next year? , So what does it mean new beginning every time? Science and Shastra’s says age of the universe is 13.8 Billion years and it also says, this is not the first time universe came into existence, this is only one of its existence, that means it dissolved before 13.8 billion years and came again, and it will dissolve again in some billion years and it will be created again and manifestation happens again, it’s a cyclic loop, not linear time cycle with Uni – Dimensional model. Unfortunately festivals of today became entertainment and enjoyment, with name sake spirituality added to it, and now it became a spiritual entertainment, in the name of panchanga sravanam, wonderful foods, new clothes etc with the essence lost. There is a spiritual and Vedantic meaning behind everything we do during festivals time as per Sanathana Dharma, all connected to single and sole purpose of bringing all beings closer to divinity. The outward things that are done are symbolism and gestures of the Inner Bhava or Feeling. Ugadi has deep spiritual significance. Let us find out the real essence of Ugadi. Like all other festivals, which are created as per the teaching of Sanathana Dharma, there is a deep meaning, rational, order to the sequence of Ugadi festival.

Essence of Ugadi. While 95% of The Veda gives insight into Infinite Karmic Rituals, only 5 % or so gives insight into Tattva Jyana– the supreme reality of god. Accordingly the Tattva jyana says that the space time module itself is not real and it is relative reality not absolute reality. Than why did our rishis create a time based festival called “Yuga – Adi” (or UGADI). When the Time and Space dimensions are itself relative, than why are so many festivals created per each calendar year, obviously well mapped to Sanathana Dharma. They actually carry a deep spiritual call. Rishis Knew that mankind is stuck in ignorance and ignorance lives in time and space with very strong body identification, to start to towards a course of self-realization and get them diverted from there routine mundane lifestyle, they created festivals. Festivals not with Random dates and times, but something that maps very well to the body/mind physiology, planetary moments and nature around them That’s how the sequence of festivals also has significance. It indicates how to put in practice spiritual truths in life. Ugadi comes after Shivaratri and Holi. Shivaratri gives a call for waking up. Waking up from dream of empirical reality or relative reality. Holi – Killing our ignorance and destroying meaning less desires, Now that you are waked up and cleansed up, now start the new beginning called the Ugadi. Ugadi is the day; we create our universe with a new beginning with fresh SANKALPA to create a world in your mind of divine living as a sincere Sadhaka. By making a new beginning with this new Sankalpa, whatever action we perform becomes the positive karma. What we experience in life is our karmic forces. Mankind across the globe has been living in lots of negative thoughts and vibrations and bad sankalpas. We have a choice to create new universe in our minds for ourselves by right action. Action with right attitude. Action with right attitude is called Karmayoga. Action performed as service is called Yagna. Together gives the new beginiging called Ugadi

Essence of Panchangam,: It became an entertainment factor and expectations management factor as what is in the store for their destiny as per Panchangam, There is a meaning behind it. Panchanga sravanam done on the day of Yugadi, is done to respect Kalapurusha (Vishnu sahasra nama names god as Kala purusha).  Lord himself is the time.  Vedic Time is measured in 5 parts – Thiti, vara, nakshtra, karana and yoga. Worship of Kalapurusha is respecting time. Every moment available to us should be lived respecting time. Our bodies are given limited breaths for a certain period of time as a part of our evolutionary process.  Right evolutionary process happens by right actions and positive thinking. Just like a seed when sown and taken positive actions will grow to a healthy and green plant and then to a strong tree  and completes its self-less seva by giving shadow to a tired passenger or a animals etc., or give fruits, or nice air and then completes its phase. When the evolution of the tree goes by bad actions, the tree dies in its early stages and no chances of it becoming a healthy tree to perform its duty.  Same thing applies to Humans as well. Performing yagna and karmayoga is the right way to respect kalapurusha. Panchanga sravana is done for this purpose. Horoscope is nothing but our karmic influences. Yagna, karmayoga is the way to come out of karmic influences.

Wearing New Clothes: On Ugadi day, we wear new clothes. This is a reminder of Bhagavadgita sloka 2.20. We are not the body. We are Atma or Spirits. Body is like clothes to us. Like we drop the old clothes, we drop body and take new ones. “   vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya          navani grhnati naro ’parani     tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany               anyani samyati navani dehi “ Just as a person puts on new garments, and discards and gives up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old ones.

Foods: Ugadi day we eat jaggery and neem leaves in the form of Ugadi Chutney and Bakshalu to remind ourselves of the highest goal of enlightenment – Sthitaprajna state (Bhagavadgita 2.56). To be able to accept ups and downs of life with even mindedness is the highest achievement in life. “ duhkheshv anudvigna-manah              sukheshu vigata-sprihah        vita-raga-bhaya-krodhah sthita-dhir munir ucyate” He who is undisturbed in triumphs (Happy events) and disasters (Attachments, fears, angers, Frustrations, Jealousy, defeat etc.)  Is the steady minded one.

Why Ugadi doesn’t come on January 1st: Ugadi is greeted as New Year but it doesn’t come on the first of January. Ugadi follows the lunisolar system, chandramana – souramana panchanga calendar, a calendar based on the moon’s celestial motion, which has a direct connection with the way the human body is made. It connects you with the movements of the planet. Ugadi is the beginning of a new year as per the lunisolar calendar largely followed by the Indian people for many centuries. Calendar is designed in such way, the times reflects what it does to the human body /mind and consciousness. As shown in the picture below, the tilt of the globe at the pole axis renders the northern hemisphere to receive the highest amount of the Sun’s energy during the 21-day period that starts from Ugadi. Temperatures are hot during this time (In some of the tropical areas, that’s why people apply castor oil during these times to manage the heat), During this time the earth get charged up with new life and the scientist proved that the phytochemicals in the light radiation from the sun during this times are charged with photons that are so helpful not just for humans but for plants,animals and which directly and indirectly affects our bodies and minds.That’s why we see new leaves coming up, and sprouts budding in plants too. Ugadi is on the first day of the waxing moon after the first new moon post equinox, suggesting a new beginning.

Seasons sesons1 Gregorian and Lunisolar Calendar differences: The Gregorian Calendar or English Calendar, that is followed across the world is so Illogical that in the year 1582, the date was moved from Thursday, Oct. 4, 1582 to Friday, Oct. 15, 1582 as they could not accommodate the difference in the celestial motion of the moon around the earth and earth motion around the sun, they got a big difference and as they do not know what to do, they jumped up the dates by 11 days, so that Christmas always comes on December 25. That is the reason why we have almost same (30 or 31) days in a month except 28 days in February, all is the magic of Gregorian calendar, which ignores human experience in relation to the planetary movement. The lunisolar calendar takes into account the experience and impact that is happening to the human being and hence, the calendar is adjusted to latitudes.

Conclusion: Now that you know the significance and profoundness of our festival, the scientific nature of our Vedas and the intelligence and love that our rishis has for the mankind, please do pass it on to your future generations and lets start by not saying Hi and Hello to your fellow beings, but start saying “Namaskaram” with a sense that the living God is standing right in front of you. When you meet your fellow brother, don’t shake hand; if possible give him a brotherly hug. Just sharing a personal experience, when I met a decent stranger few years ago at a temple in India and after some Vedantic talk, we were departing, and instead of shaking hands, I suggested if I can give a brotherly hug. Little did I know……. the tears of love were flowing from his eyes. Til today he stands a good friend and god given brother of mine, Make all your relations godly as they are coming into your life not as a people, but as a living god in disguise to teach you something or to give you love. Hari Om Tat Sat

Some wonderful Pointers from the group virtual satsangs:

  • Why Satsangam: This is a very interesting message I received. It is so meaningful, I had to share it. There are four yugas widely accepted in Hinduism.   They are :
  1. Satya yug
  2. Treta yug (Ramayana)
  3.  Dwapara yug (Mahabharata)
  4. Kal yug (Present)

In satya yug, the figtht was between two worlds.( Devalok and Asura lok) Asura lok                  being the evil, was a different WORLD.In Treta yug, the fight was between Rama and Ravana.Both rulers from two different COUNTRIES.

 In dwapara yug, the fight was between Pandavas and Kauravas. Both good and evil from the SAME FAMILY.

Kindly note how the evil is getting closer..

For example, from a DIFFERENT WORLD to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to the SAME     FAMILY.

Now, know where is the evil in Kalyug? It is inside us..Both GOOD AND EVIL LIVES WITHIN..

The battle is within us. Who will we give victory to..

 Our inner goodness or the evil within?

 There are six internal enemies ..Kama ..lust ..kordha..anger ..Lobha..greed ..Moha..desire   or attachment to worldly things instead of the supreme being ..Madha..ego or arrogance      ..matsrya..jealousy or envy ..these six things keep us away from God

 Easy solution is to have satsamgathyam.  Adi sankara gave a solution in Baja govindam . There is a sloka in bajagovimdam that talks about satsamgathyam:

           Satsangatve nissangatvam

            Nissangatve nirmohatvam

            Nirmohatve nishchalatattvam

            Nishchalatattve jeevanmukti

 Yes sath sang is good Margam, but with those sadhakas ONLY……who understand the REAL essence of Vedanta saram and practices very very seriously in there daily life the key qualities of sadhana: Mano nigraham, indriya nigraham and tapah

  From Satsangh (the company of the good) comes non-attachment, from non-             attachment comes freedom from delusion, which leads to self-settledness. From self-   settledness (delusionlesness) comes Jeevan Mukti (liberation in life). Company plays a    major role and it influences your mind and soul. If you are in bad company you acquire       bad habits, if you are in good company good habits, you have to better choose good             company for your own good. If you are in the company of HARI DASA’s (Servants of    GOD), saints and good teachers (Guru’s), you can learn things very easily, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, what ever they learnt, they will pass on this knowledge to     you and you can easily acquire that. Especially the need of a good teacher is very  important for spiritual matters. Dear friend acquire the friendship and company of  devotional people and acquire spiritual knowledge, peace, good habits. If you are in a good company, the first benefit you get is, you get detached with the worldly matters, and  you get attached to divine things, if you reach that stage then you are very close to GOD.

One other important thing to practise is to bring sadhana into your lives every day ,           because unless we bring it into our lives all the books we read, all the discourses we listen   and all satsanghs we attend will go in vain , the real puja is done at heart.

Talking is easy , doing is all that makes difference to reach closer to lord.So the real step starts from us at the individual level.

  • Good Message: ” your life is natures gift ,Be happy and live fully”                                                                       ” please remember that you are not born with worries; they are acquired and    manufactured through the traverse of life ”                                                                                  “What happens to this worries , relatives , bonds and desires after you live the body????”
  • Real Mothers Love: “What is mother ‘s love”???

        Is it the care shown by a female gender across all the living species on earth?Or

        Is it a person or individual ???Or

        Is it the responsibility a person does as its “her child”??  Or

         Is it the feeling of possessiveness  in the part of the mother for her kids??? Or

         Is it an expression confined to her own offspring???

          The truth is so big , when one really knows it and understands it, it liberates            that person.Motherness is not confined to a gender and it’s not selfish and limited to there own kids .It’s the universal principle, which keeps the whole brahmanda alive.

  • Your are Magnificent: Dear family

 There is something magnificent in all of us; regardless of who we are, regardless of            where we come from , regardless of how old or young you are; regardless of what you        like or don’t like ; regardless of what mistakes and tragedies you went through ;regardless   of what has happened to you and your life , please know and never never never forget that you are SPECIAL,  because inside you is so special and so magnificent that the             whole UNIVERSE is bowing to it every second.Know it, Feel it and love it…. That’s why you are born.

Hari om

  •  What can be worshipped: What shud really be worshiped??…. How can a tamo tattva jada  swarupa or inert matter or substance be worshipped, when it can’t be concious of itself…..because worshipping such matter builds MeaningLess ATTACHMENT not divine love or devotion……for example person loving money or his BMW …. Is he divine or attached to materialism?

 The only thing that is worth worshippable as per our shastrs is SATTVIC tattva….. That’s why we worship COW …. Yes that person is divine.Having clarity in VEDANTA is very very very important in understanding the essence of  nature, please don’t fall pray to every book, every video, every discourse that people are    saying , try and understand the nature of the Supreme NATURE, it’s very easy, very simple, very very very close to the closest of you.

Just get into sadhana mode…. It fill unfold itself in your hearts.

Hari om tat sat

  • Practical Vedanta: Dear Family

 Mere study of the Vichar Sagar, Panchadasi, Gita, Upanishads, etc cannot bring in the      experience of pure Vedantic consciousness. Vedantic gossiping and dry discussions on        scriptures cannot help a man in feeling the unity and oneness of life. We should destroy      ruthlessly all sorts of impurities, hatred, jealousy, envy, idea of superiority and all       barriers that separate man from man. This can be done by incessant, selfless service of        humanity with the right mental attitude. Practical Vedanta is felt by serving mankind and   other beings, feeding sugar to an ant, grains to birds, grass to a cow and so on with PURE    LOVE……..dry discussions and meaningless fights over the nonessentials of religions.         The world is filled of People who study a few books and pose as Jivanmuktas. …..        Beware……..Many imagine that they can become Jivanmuktas by a little study of Laghu      Siddhanta Kaumudi and Tarka. Oneness of life can be had only by Self-realization             through constant spiritual practice and Sadhana ONLY. Study of scriptures can help us a bit, but it cannot make us a Jivanmukta.core is emphasized on How we are thinking and     how are we doing…. Is there PURE LOVE in it or not??

This is practical VEDANTA dear bhagavad bhandus

  •  Breath and Pranayama: Dear family

 Entire Jivarasi is gifted with only limited breaths, all swasas are wasted in angers and        frustratations, but eeswara gave them to us to learn , mature and evolve .Every moment is   for our learning and education ONLY.

 That’s why our elders always tell us to take long deep breaths to increase our longevity.      When We are angry or stressed out we tend to take short breathes.  That limited number of breaths God gave us will go to zero much faster when we continue live with anger or      stress.

Just by understanding and practicing the deeper science of pranayama, scientist found      neuron firing rate increases, oxygen supply to brain increases , cells in the lungs receptors  are wide open instead of congested , heart rate normalizes , all this is just at body level      and mind level and Vijnamaya kosha and anandamaya kosha level its unimaginable spiritual elevation.

 Imagine just with one shastra this much can happen , what happens when you learn and    live other secrets of our ancient scriptures ???

 Sometimes tears and prayers are not enough to thank god to have us born in           SANATHANA DHARMA… We are all supremely blessed already

  • What is the Vedic essence of hindu marriages?

  The term ‘vivaha’ means ‘vishesena vahati iti vivaha:’ Vivaha is that which gives special      rights.

What are those special rights? They are about the rights which the man can do only as a     married one, particularly all yajnas which he cannot do as a brahmachari without his       patni or wife.

 It is completion of a union of Purusha and Prakruthi.

  So what is this Purusha and Prakruthi that is existing everywhere and in everything           universally?

 Let’s take an example: Take the example of a car, the car by itself is not called the car without its power to ride   on the road, engine, brakes and ability of that thermal energy from the gas converting to  the electrical energy and then converting to mechanical and kinetic energy which is than   pushing the car forward.

  So car has 2 components, they are:

Body of the car + power that drives it = THE CAR

  (Purusha + Prakruthi = Samsar (The World)

 Husband + Wife = Samsaram( a small world )

 Can you imagine a situation of a car without the body but just has the power or car with   body but no power???

Similarly, can you imagine  a wife without a husband and vice versa, they are cosmically   intertwined into each other with the most purest bond.

 There cannot be a separate existence between them, they are ONE , that’s why it’s a           pavitra bhandam .

 Our senses with eyes and mind make it look like people, but with SADHANA you will     see them as none other than Laxmi Narayana swaroopa, they are universally everywhere.

 Marriage is divine and a special blessing , love every moment if it.

  • Holi spiritual meaning:Before wishing happy holi…..let’s please understand the meaning……Holika signifies ignorance, it’s not colors and playing……..Who is guru? And who is a swami?  And who is shishya??

They are man made differences ……They are so loosely used everywhere without proper    value and understanding …….no wonder the world is filled with so many fake babas and     swami,s and gurus…… Who is making them?????

It’s we the people, who understand things loosely and is causing such a huge impact on     the vedika dharma and its importance to a degree that people distrust it and converting to  other religions…..swami or guru is NOT a PERSON….read BG chapter 13 and understand    it to know more…..ignorant people become bakra to a EGO with there agendas for power,   money and supremacy…. Please beware.

 So what is Ignorance ????? It is a mental Kalpana, imaginations or wrong ideas that are     struck in your mind and not letting you know the reality , as this wrong programming of your mind is blocking it up see the TRUTH…..Allow the Vasanas and egoism to pass.   Break the clouds. Behind the clouds, there is the luminous sun. Behind the mind, there is   the self-radiant Atman. Purify yourself. Destroy the evil Vrittis. Plod on in the spiritual       path. You have taken this life for this purpose only. For Self-realization and the spiritual   path, Sanskrit is not at all necessary. You will have to understand the theory and essence     only. All the Sanskrit books are tendered into English and other languages. Be not            troubled on this score.

  • Cutting vegetables is not a Himsa .: Dear Family,

  Someone asked this question as we were cutting vegetables at dc kitchen yesterday and    this is the answer given to the boy.Should it not be considered as Himsa when we cut vegetables and fruits?

 Cutting vegetables is not a Himsa .There is no real consciousness in plants and trees,          although there is life in them. There is life in plants, sensation in animals, mentality in        human beings and spirituality in sages. There is no Visesha Ahankara and reflection of         Chaitanya in plants and trees. Hence they cannot experience pain. The tree will not say,      “I am experiencing pain”. The mind in plants and trees is not developed. It is quite             rudimentary. It is Jada and insentient. Life on earth will be impossible if we take cutting   vegetables also as Himsa.

 Now that we saw from the YouTube video the other day what is temple ? How is it          connected to our body? How our body itself is the temple and it’s the blue print for   outside temple ….. Now my dear God given family , please think further about who is the    Shila murthy in the temple and the REAL YOU in the body ???

 So when abhishekam is happening to the Shila MUrthy in the temple , who is it actually    happening to is it REAL SELF inside  our body or some external divinity ?

Should you feel and look at that abhishekam in silent meditation or watch it like a show ?

 And last question to ask ourselves…. Isn’t abhishekam happening every second already or   it happens once every 2 weeks in weekends in scheduled hours ?????

 Feel the divinity in you

  • 12: What is a Hindu Temple ACTUALLY : What is a hindu temple Really mean ??? How it connects to your body ?? What is shiva linga means ?? ….find answers for it here………

            ” deho devalaya prokthaha”

            Jivo shiva SANATHANAHA”

 Now that we saw from the YouTube video the other day what is temple ? How is it          connected to our body? How our body itself is the temple and it’s the blue print for   outside temple ….. Now my dear God given family , please think further about who is the    Shila murthy in the temple and the REAL YOU in the body ???

 So when abhishekam is happening to the Shila MUrthy in the temple , who is it actually    happening to is it REAL SELF inside  our body or some external divinity ?

 Should you feel and look at that abhishekam in silent meditation or watch it like a show ?

And last question to ask ourselves…. Isn’t abhishekam happening every second already or  it happens once every 2 weeks in weekends in scheduled hours ?????

 Feel the divinity in you

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – वसुधैव कुटुम्बकं “

                             वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (vasudhaiva kuTumbakam)

1. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Sanskrit: वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम. from “vasudha”, the earth; “iva”, is ; and “kutumbakam”, family) is a Sanskrit phrase that means that the whole world is one single family.So here the Vedic sages are saying that the entire world is truly just one family. The world is like a small, tightly knit, nuclear family.

2. The words वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् (vasudhaiva kuTumbakam) come from the mantra VI-72 in Maha Upanishad which belongs to sAmaveda tradition. The mantra reads:
अयं बन्धुरयंनेति गणना लघुचेतसाम्
उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ॥
Meaning: The distinction “This person is mine, and this one is not” is made only by the narrow-minded (i.e. the ignorant who are in duality). For those of noble conduct (i.e. who know the Supreme Truth) the whole world is one family (one Unit).
(The meaning of words like ‘family’ etc. should be understood in the context of what the Upanishad is talking about. It is describing the quality of a man who understood the Truth, transcending the multiplicity of the world).
The Upanishad mantra is not a geo-politico-socio-cultural statement. It is a matter of fact.

3. Hitopadesha, 1.3.71:
‘ayam nijah paroveti ganana laghuchetasam
udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbhakam’ |
’This is my own and that a stranger’ – is the calculation of the narrow-minded
For the magnanimous-hearts however, the entire earth is but a family’

4. Tamil Poem written 2500 years ago :
Tamil Poet Kanian Poongundranar on the concept similar to ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (Song 192, Purananuru, Sangam literature)
‘யாதும் ஊரே; யாவரும் கேளிர்;
“Yathum Oore Yavarum Kelir”
‘Every place is my home town; Everyone my kith and kin

It is a fact that emerged from the observation and analysis by the Scientists of the day and recorded in their reports. The Scientists were the Seers, Rishis. Their reports were the Upanishads. Each Scientist used to teach with care and affection sitting close to his students (upa + nisha). The Upanishads were the foundation stones on which the magnificent edifice called sanAtana dharma developed. What they taught was not under any IPR regime, because their authors never considered them to be their brainchildren. They felt that it was a Knowledge revealed when their individualistic ID, the sense of “I am a separate person” was totally lost. A sense of “me” was not there to claim ‘ownership’ rights.

What would remain when an “I” in me is not conscious of my separate body-mind but is fused with the totality of “Whatever-actually-IS”? There cannot be an answer for this question. The nearest comparison that can be given is the dreamless deep sleep condition. It does not matter who you are – a prince or a pauper; an angel or a devil; an illiterate ignoramus or an intellectual giant – all differences and separations dissolve in deep sleep. Only one stark naked truth remains then. “Whatever-that-Truth-is,” “It” must be existing to be present. So what we can at the most say about it is, it “EXISTS.” That basic ‘Isness’ is called “Beingness” or “Existence.” In Sanskrit, the word is sat (सत्).

taittIriyopanishad gives two more of its features in the mantra (II-i-1) — सत्यं ज्ञानमनन्तं ब्रह्म (Beingness, Knowingness, and Infiniteness). It’s something deep sleep-like and space-like. That’s about all we can say. brahman is the word used as a pointer to It.
And of all the philosophical thoughts ever expressed anywhere in the world, only Advaita Vedanta boldly declares, That brahman Alone is, there is NO second thing. If anyone feels that s/he sees more than one thing, it is all a delusion.

Being under delusion is like being a Dhritarashtra, blind. In that blindness, the Oneness is missed. “I-you”; “mine-his” separations are (imaginarily) perceived. The separations are the seeds for conflict, both mental and physical. That’s the reason in the very first shloka in Bhagavadgita, Dhritarashtra asks, ‘What is it they are doing – my sons and those of Pandu’ (mAmakAH pANDavAH ca), viewing his own kids separate from his brother’s and all of them separate from himself.

The great Indian tradition exhorts us to see clearly that the apparent differences and separations are like ‘virtual image’ in a mirror. You cannot demolish the virtual image. Have your ever tried bull-dozing a mountain reflected in a mirror?
If you are able to see through the falsity of multiplicity, you will see Oneness. That is smyagdRRiShTi (perfect perception). This dRRiShTi of Oneness leads to the understanding that vAsudeva (‘Beingness’) is the innermost of all (once the illusory layers of coverings are pierced through). vAsudevaH sarvam iti – वासुदेवः सर्वमिति, asserts Bhavadgita in the verse VII-19. (The Sanskrit root vas (वस्) has several meanings. Here we have to understand vas means ‘to be’).

We have from IshAvAhsya, mantra 6: यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतानि आत्मन्येवानुपश्यति ।
सर्वभूतेषु चात्मानं ततो न विजुगुप्सते |

Meaning: He who perceives all beings in the Self alone, and the Self in all beings does not entertain any hatred on account of that perception.
That means he sees everyone as himSelf. That is the height of Oneness. No distinctions. Total unity. When what is, IS one Unit, there is no scope for hatred because there is nothing separate from himSelf to be hated. That is the perception of the really real Reality, वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् !!
The statement is not just about peace and harmony among the societies in the world, but also about a truth that the whole world has to live like a family. Just by contemplating this idea and by at least trying to live by it and practice it in our lives, we could make this world a better place.

Tranquilized by the false security that the modern technology is provide us , we are often tending to forget about how fragile the life is on this planet. While ‘preparing’ our instant dinners in our microwave oven we tend to forget that food is not coming from the supermarket but from a star 150 million kilometers away which gives light and energy to plants which feed us and the animals too. Whether we like it or not, whether aware of it or not, we are the part of a fragile ecosystem we are all dependable on and responsible for.
With every animal species going extinct we are losing part of our own survival, a part of ourselves. It is not possible to harm another human being or any other life form without harming a small part of ourselves.

Essence of Family, Marriage and Children –Significance from Ancient Scriptures View with respect to Modern living

Eeshwara made every husband one with his wife? In body and spirit, they are the same. So what does he want? Godly children from your union, so that manifestation and evolution continues………….

Every house can be a temple, when the pure bliss of marriage is blessed with incredible joy of a happy marriage blessed with adoring, appreciative kids raising on their way towards who easily transition from childhood into mature adults is a goal of most people. This concept is well established across Asian, Middle Eastern, Western cultures and reflects universally; this wish seems to be deeply rooted in our minds and also within our genetic composition.

Lately, this model has been changing. Some of them are having children apart from their marriage, and some are considering same gender relationships. However, it looks like everyone wants to have the joy of family. Even many of those who deviate from tradition still want their relationships to be called “marriages.”

It is contradictory though that the “social experimenters” want the language and bounties of traditional marriage but don’t wish to follow the traditional culture of Marriage? Why is it that we human beings are so attracted to the terms called marriage and family?

Most of the complainers of marriage are stuck in it with inner feelings of detest on their partner and keep the marriage going more for the social pressure or family respect or the sake of children, but the core of bond that keeps the wife and husband is waning away in this modern times and fastly catching up to be a comfort arrangement set up with commercial ideologies.

Is it the lack of actual education about the concepts of marriage? What is marriage? Why marriage? What are children? Why children? Effects of modern married families on children? What is its impact on the society? What will society of tomorrow look like with children produced from bad marriages?

The effort on this blog is to educate ourselves and understand it from the deeper core by first understanding the concept of marriage from the ancient Hindu scriptural point of view , purpose of it, the way it gets done, what are we actually promising to each other on the day of the marriage and how are we forgetting them so quickly ??

Can we learn something about Rama and Sita from Ramayana and what is it teaching us about the wedding, Marriage Rituals, and their meaning, their importance and explanation behind all of these?

Most of us who got married were so caught up in catching up with friends, Photo Shoots, Video fancies, family, and relatives. So hardly might have understood these rituals, mantras that bride/ groom are asked to recite. Sometimes the pandits are not sure of them too. So what does a Hindu marriage mean? How can they help into our lives? What’s involved, why do we go through all that ceremony, and why there is no concept of divorce in Hindu marriage?

Concept of Marriage – The Oneness of Purusha + Prakruthi.

The term ‘vivaha’ means ‘vishesena vahati iti vivaha:’ Vivaha is that which gives exclusive rights.What are those special rights? They are about the rights that the man can do only as a married one, particularly all Yajnas, which he cannot do as a Brahmachari without his patni or wife.

It is the completion of a union of Purusha and Prakriti.

Purusha is ‘puryam shete iti: Purusha:’ -the one who is resting in the house.The root words are ‘puh’ or ‘pura’ which means city, abode, dwelling.

The body is the city (Bhagavad Gita 5-13) with 9 openings. Since he resides in this city of 9 doors, he is called Purusha.

The female gender for Purusha is Prakruthi (Pra-kara(s), Kr-kara(the) and athi-kara(ree) combination indicating Sattvic ,Rajasic and Tamasic States of Mind , the triple nature of the mind manifested across the universe.

Purusha as the indweller and Prakruthi with 3 gunas; make complete the Purusha + Prakruthi combination.

This concept is the basic idea of the union of Man and Woman in Marriage. The man and the woman in Union perform the Gra hast ashrama duties as one, with the man as the prime base and the woman as the driver or thinker.

Example: To put this in an simple example: Take the case of a car, the car by itself is not called the car without its power to ride on the road, engine, brakes and ability of that thermal energy from the gas converting to the electrical energy and then converting to mechanical and kinetic energy that is then pushing the car forward.

So car has 2 components, they are:

Body of the car + power that drives it = THE CAR

(Purusha)           + (Prakruthi)   = Samsara (The World)

Can you imagine a situation of a car without the body but just has the power or car with body but no power???

Who and What is The Bride Groom (MAN)?

The father of the bride cleanses and prays at the feet of the bridegroom during the marriage process saying the following:

“Namostu anantaya sahasramurtaye Sahasrapadakshi shira uru bahave sahasranamne purushaya shashvate sahasrakoti yuga dharine namah”

I surrender to him, one who has no end, One who has thousand forms, having thousand heads, one who has thousand rays originating from him, he exists eternally, he has been there.

The bridegroom is none other than Mahavishnu, bodily present as a person here; I am washing his feet. Sahasramurtaye, the one who has thousand forms. In Sanskrit, One thousand is meant to represent infinity of experiences in these three states of our being. The word thousand is used in a modified sense than we typically perceive. The three zeros are the three illusions of our waking state, dreaming state and sleeping state. But in reality, the one is you; you are experiencing all these three states. So you see, you are not seeing the bridegroom as an individual. You are considering him as a manifestation of Maha Vishnu directly. So it is to him the Kanya, the bride is being offered.

Who and What is the Bride?

The wealth of the Lord is Maha Laksmi. All the wealth, enjoyment, riches, experiences, of the world, are the Maha Laksmi swarupa.

Kanyam kanaka sampannam sakala abharanih yutam.

This bride is presented with the wealth of the world unto the God who owns it.

Who is this patni? ———-“patyAm vrathE thishtathi iti patni” (one who stands by her pati in all his actions.

Sequential Steps of Marriage:

  1. Nandi – To get started
  2. Nischitartha – establishing the trust
  3. Ankurarpana – creation of the connection by lighting the yajna fire
  4. Lajjna Homam – Yajna fire, Offering to Eeshwara.
  5. Snathakam – thread ceremony for the Groom before the wedding.
  6. Upanayanam- thread ceremony where the groom wears a silver thread or Yajñopavītam on his body.
  7. kasi Yathra – the ambivalent journey of the groom to kasi for the sannyasa and is brought back by the parents of the bride for the marriage.
  8. Kanya Danam: offering of the girl for the marriage.
  9. Pani Grahanam: bride and groom’ can and must touch and hold each other’s hand only and nobody else’s.

10: Saptha Padi: Walking Together for 7 steps

11: Mangalasutra Dhara/Vikshanam – tying the knot of the marriage.

  1. Talambralu- For the bride and the groom to bring them nearer in psychological and mental paths.
  2. Arundhati Darshanam
  3. Grihapravesam – Taking the bride to the in-law’s house
  4. Appaginthalu – handing over the daughter to the groom
  5. Dhruva Darshanam
  6. Shobanamu
  7. Garbhadanam – creation of the fetus.

COMING UP NEXT: In Depth look into each of this Rituals and its significance