The Real Essence of Shiva and Narayani Tattva


Have you ever wondered you are one small cell who used to live in your father’s blood and from that “YOU” with a body came into existence? One cell became the embodiment of 37 trillion cells in your whole body. That cell has the inherent natural intelligence in built to knew and craft exactly where, how, when, what to make of the entire anatomy of human physiology to make the organs (like eyes, ears, kidney, heart, nails, hair, tongue, muscle, bone). This natural multiplication of single cell into a form has been the muse point for scientists, Philosophers, Thinkers, Vedanta’s, Saints, Guru’s, Baba’s, and Fakir’s across the world from dawn of the human civilization. Have you ever thought about it?

So how is this connected to Shiva or Narayana or Srimatha or Sri Rama or Srikrishna or Allah or Jesus or Buddha?

Our entire Vedanta Saram though mentioned in the form of terse verses in Sanskrit, The modernity of the current generation and lack of proper understanding has made it be visualized as cryptic and enigmatic prone to multiple interpretations and confusions, which is the root cause of so many world conflicts in the name of beliefs and faiths and religions etc.

Unfortunately, the places of worships (Temples, Buddhist Monasteries, Churches and Darghas) are too busy in there administrative, budgetary and expansion tendencies and other aspects of running their organizations and are failing to install the right concepts and meaning and teaching the real essence of our ancient scriptures.

But in actuality Vedanta Saram is more practical in nature seen and applied in our everyday life, it’s not bunch of mantras, stotras, rituals, temples, beliefs, fears, superstitions etc.

All of the Stotras, Mantras, temples and rituals are SYMBOLISM and meant for us to learn something, hidden with deeper meaning and unearth the treasure of knowledge embedded in it.

Our Societies are deeply ingrained in taking these symbolism concepts as literal and fight in the name of names and shapes and symbols and pictures, temples ,how popular is one’s faith and how silly is other’s faith and all of this is leading to turmoil and destruction ……How sad is that??

Isn’t the color of the blood “RED” across the world for all humans, isn’t the Human Body looks alike the same across the horizon irrespective of where they are from and how they are??

Yet its so different and diverse, But there is one unity that exists within them which is seen across , The process of breathing is the same, the heart beat is the same, color of the blood is the same, and so many if we keep on musing into it, in essence —-“ WE ARE THE SAME WITH DIFFERENT FORM’s “— THAT’S ALL.

Now apply this concept beyond humans to animals, plants, organic, inorganic substances, sentient beings and insentient beings, which includes entire creation – sun, moon, stars, air, cloud, water, earth, don’t you think there is very same and one commonality —- that very same intelligence without a form or shape or attachments or likings or desires or fears, just in its supreme silence is doing its thing.

Please note from the above statement there is “Doing” and then there is the “Supreme silence”.

This supreme Silence which is existing in all of us in its “Default State” can be experienced in Mediation in all of us and its also called as Shiva or Narayana, Also called Purusa

Shiva or Narayana is not a biological form or a person that’s sitting out there.

This whole brahmanda is filled with it, as a matter of fact everything and anything out there is engulfed in it and nothing can be “outside of it”.

This  tattva is very difficult to talk, as all the languages of the world is at human consciousness level and God is beyond “human” and you cannot describe  this indescribable in describable terms called language ( whatever language it is , yes even Sanskrit is limited and the  Upanishads says that clearly ). After all Language is a limited medium.

But yes, this tatva can be felt within your hearts in deep meditation. You are indeed dissolving into Shiva or Narayana Tatva in your Sleep every day and arising from that in the morning every day.

Now there is the “DOING” part from the above underlined statement— Doing is done through an action and an action is primal motive force, the basic nature of intelligence by which the Universe exists and functions, Also called as Prakṛuti or Srimatha or Shakti or Devi.

Again Srimatha or Devi is not a biological form or a person that’s sitting out there.

Its expressed as Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas translated roughly as the nature of the mind as follows:

Sattva nature of Prakruti means qualities of goodness, light, Peace and harmony. Yoga Vasistha explains more in depth, people who are of a sattvic nature of Prakruti and whose activities are mainly based on sattva, will tend to seek answers regarding the origin and truth of material life. With proper support they are likely to reach liberation.

Rajas nature of Prakruti is associated with concepts of, ambition, Greed, yours and mine attitude and passion; so that, depending on how it is used, it can either have a supportive or hindering effect on the evolution of the soul.

Tamas nature of Prakruti is commonly associated with inertia, darkness, laziness, insensitivity. Souls who are more tamasic are considered imbued in darkness and take the longest to reach liberation.

Purpose of Life:

Purusa (Shiva or Narayana) + Prakṛuti (Srimatha)       -> Creation the manifestation of Life in the Universe

This is real meaning of the Ardhanareeshwara thatvam….again just a symbolism.

So what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of creation?”

Where is this Life heading, what is Birth mean?? What is death?? Where is this universe with 13.8 billion years old journeying to somewhere??

The answer that Vedanta presents is The Creation has no purpose. It is simply a play and display of consciousness (which is so far away from human consciousness). Just like the fire and hotness cannot be separated, the Creation and the Creator are not two separate things, they are the same and all that exists is already GOD, its just the wires of our perception in our impure minds are making it see the world or Jagat in it divided and differentiated forms and shapes, which is causing confusion and disturbance and sadness and miseries.
The whole world (the way humans see it) is just a thought in the mind that is manufactured, Civilization is a thought, Iam a body and I have this name and fame, career, riches, family, relatives, friends and yes including Marriage, all is a terrible thought and pure illusion.

Man of today in his Greed, Enjoyments and Wants is stuck in this organized living in the name of modernity and forgot long time ago his true and real nature, which used to be very close to nature and was divine and pure.

This programmed mind brought down by modernity needs to be cleansed and deprogrammed and has to be taken back to its real nature (The original nature).

This process to deprograming ourselves and align ourselves to the pure nature is called Sadhana and that’s where the places of worships should help.

Shiva Thandavam is exactly the symbolic mean. The five elements (Pancha Bhuthas) are depicted in Nataraja who himself is consciousness. The dance of this pure consciousness (Prana) is the whole Universe along with Prakruthi.

Unlike the popular thought that this universe is struggling or suffering, it is wrong, the Universe is shining in its eternal glory with beauty and love spread across in its infinite ways and means. It is bliss.

Than who is this sufferer or complains on life and living in misery??

This is the limited self or Ego or the contaminated mind or deeply programmed mind that seems to think they are separated from the nature and they have their own individual identity.

So small is this limited self, that they are literally minuscule for example  the population of the world is 7 billion and an ego who claims he is the all learnt super GURU or richest or powerful or a pitadipathi or head of a huge monastery or head of a church is nothing but  just:

1/7,000,000,000 or 1.428571428571429 e-10 place in the human scale of the universe.

This number is when we consider just human beings. Now if we consider all other living and non-living being, animals, plants, organic, inorganic substances, sentient beings and insentient beings

What is the place of that limited being in this universe, you cannot even imagine how small and minuscule it can be…… it’s literally nothing.

One who does not know this truth or understands this truth suffers and is depressed or sad. One, who knows that this whole creation is a dance and god is all that’s existing in his infinite forms and shapes, finds joy. That truth is Shiva or Narayana tattva.

You simply have to be present in the moment and dissolve your mind, Because it all happens within us beyond mind and not outside of us, That’s why Hinduism is called “IN DO ISM”, All of the real worship is at the heart and not outside.

Shiva or Narayana tattva is already there right here and right now in us, God is so close to us than anything ever we can think of .We have 3 states of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping, and there is a 4th state of consciousness where we are neither waking nor dreaming nor sleeping and where the triple constraints of Space, time and Causality do not exist. It is experienced in meditation.

All The Mahavakyas from the Ancient Scriptures are saying the same to attain this highest of states in which the individual self dissolves inseparably from Divinity.

  1. Prajñānam brahma – “Prajña means Knowledge or pure consciousness is Brahman “Brahman is Prajña” (Aitareya Upanishad 3.3 of the Rig Veda)
  2. Ayam ātmā brahma – “I am this Self (Atman) that is Brahman” (Mandukya Upanishad 1.2 of the Atharva Veda)
  3. Tat tvam asi – “Thou art That” (Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.7 of the Sama Veda)
  4. Aham brahmāsmi – “I am Brahman”, or “I am Divine” (Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.10 of the Yajur Veda)
  5. Brahma satyam jagan mithya – Brahman is real; the world is unreal – Vivekachudamani
  6. Ekam evadvitiyam brahma – Brahman is one, without a second – Chāndogya Upaniṣad
  7. So ‘ham – He am I – Isha Upanishad
  8. Sarvam khalvidam brahma – All of this is brahman – Brahman

So now think again………Who do you think you are? You are not just a name, not just a form. You are that scintillating consciousness that is Shiva or Narayana and Srimatha or Narayani tattva. The temple of Shiva or Narayan and Srimatha is made up of the consciousness of human beings, not of stones. That which encompasses the whole Universe.


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