The Essence of the Spiritual Science


In daily life we hear so many people talking, in some way or the other about God, Atma (Soul), Spirit, Mystery of the creation of this Multiverse and similar topics. But, if we are in the quest of one who has realized God, than chances of finding such person are none. No wonder, we see so many frauds among religious heads across the world, who love to talk about God but lack the clarity. They seem to be far from the idea of true love and devotion. A real devotee is the one who sees God beyond this Samsara (samsara means the material world), experiences love everywhere, and doesn’t seek worldly pleasures. She/he is in perfect harmony with all that is bestowed upon him/her and takes the triumphs-disasters and good-bad with equanimity. Joy or sorrow is meaningless to him. Everything is a boon to him from his/her “Beloved Supreme Master (Paramatma)”. This, to me, is the highest form of devotion. However, I do not mean that one should stay idle. God helps those who help themselves. One should work adhering to the will of the God and not worry about the result or be obsessed with expectations. When we reach this point, we may think that we are on the right path of understanding the reality. Reality is not something that can be perceived through the 5 organs of action and 5 organs of knowledge, but it lies in the innermost core of the heart. Therefore, we need to dwelve deep into the heart to solve our problem of life.

This idea we have in our minds about this great multiverse is after all a material manifestation of God. It is the illusion (Maya) that differentiates it from the Absolute reality which is unchanging. It is the power of that supreme intelligent being which has brought into existence the entire creation in its varies forms and shapes and which controls its entire working process and framework. We are that very power indeed and are surrounded by it and we get to feel its activity in its subtle form and its outcome is seen in all segments of our mental and physical doings. We are stuck in the illusion of Maya and going round and round in this samsara, holding on to programmed objects (For example- family, relations, career etc.) thinking that they are real. Our senses, feelings and emotions add to the problem, which is further complexing the situation and molding our actions accordingly. We are guaranteed a life time of suffering by living in these thoughts, which is an illusion and no hope of freedom until we start diverting our energies on the root of it all, which is the unchanging reality – substratum of absoluteness. This vast circle of material manifestation, the direct result of Maya, is infinite. In it we go round and round with endless motion like the rim of a wheel, ever farther and farther away from the pivot. Just as every circle must have a center, so must this vast circle of manifestation should have a base or center too. The whole of the science of mathematics rests upon the little base, the zero. Now for this infinite universe we have to trace out a zero or base from which all planes of existence have started. When the center of the circle is pondered on, than we quickly realize that by itself is another smaller circle with its own finer center. This process continues until infinity. Thoughts fail to reach the origin of this. Thus, applying the same concept, behind this gross material solid universe there is another parallel finer subtler universe which is the center of the gross material solid universe, Again for that finer circle there must be another center, represented by a still finer circle and so on. Our energies should be focused towards routing towards our step back from the present gross form of existence to the previous finer and finer form up to the farthest possible limit of the human approach. Our goal is to push our way through these subtler states towards the center or the root cause of all the regions. That is the real essence of the spiritual science. This is our real goal of our life, this is why we are born; this is what is our eternal quest since time unknown. Missing this is what, that is making us coming back to a life form again and again. Thus the root cause of this Multiverse from the subtlest of the subtle to this grossness is that center, which we call as God.

The configuration that makes the life form is also exactly the same as that of the multiverse described above. Behind the gross physical form of a man there are finer and finer forms of existence. The outermost form is the gross body behind which there exists the astral body and the causal body. There are other so many finer and finer countless layers which cover the soul. With so many countless layers, from the subtlest to the grossest, the life-form of man is in existence in the material world as a true copy of the universe or full manifestation of God , which is represented by a big complete circle from the outermost circumference (T infinite) to the center (T 0, inner most center ). Now, center of a man’s existence and that of God’s manifestation is really the same. Which takes us to the point that if we realize self, its God Realization and vice versa. The entire multiverse came into existence from the same point, the center (the inner most), through the process of creation. Similarly, man’s gross form configuration too developed from the same point.

If this can be put in an equation:

All one consistent, undimensional, Undivided “whatever that is” state at T 0


Gross material solid universe at T infiniteMatter x Energy.

(According to Dr. Einstein, matter is energy as established, so the above equation becomes energy squared).

So before the big bang theory (taking it as the an most acceptable theory for cause of creation) , only the T0 state existed and if there was anything that existed it is just that super subtlest state with no individual identity of what so ever. Thus the center with some kind of embryonic or hidden energy all combined together as one unit, led to be the cause of creation when time came. As the creation was happening, everything was assuming a shape and a form of existence. Accordingly Mother Nature gave Homo sapiens an individual existence with shapes and form which through evolutionary process got sophisticated. The consciousness of individuality was the first covering in the configuration of the man. More and more got added including Mind, Senses, Intellect, Ego which lead him to form actions called samskaras, build vasanas, thereby creating impressions which got the man into a final grosser state. Now we have reached to this gross most form. From here our real yatra or journey is with us going backwards and dropping all that’s accrued towards the center passing through subtle states one by one until we reach the center.

It took me years to figure this much out. It’s Yatra or a journey like taking up stairs, one step at a time with each step getting narrower and narrower. Every milestone has a realization and it builds on and becomes possible because of the previous realizations, and the final realization can even seem to contradict a previous realization.

  1. First I realize I am not a person. The person is memories, impressions, false identities created by thoughts.
  2. Then I realize I am not the body nor the mind or its thoughts nor the Prana Shakti, nor the intellect nor the ego.
  3. Then I realize the “I am” is universal, everyone and every living thing or non living is feeling it the same way.
  4. Even the beingness of Universal “Iam” is still a form of illusion and duality, and we will realize and move into and “become” the pure awareness only.
  5. The final realization seems like Nothingness or Voidness. The true aspirant makes the final realization and ceases to exist, Becomes Void and reaches the center and all that is left of him is what was there before the big bang theory. Nothingness doesn’t mean totally nothing, it inexplicably filled with “hidden and mysterious something that is not a thing” the pure awareness, the absolute, aware of itself. This is the only truly real. All else is illusion and false, made of space time fabric, of things which come and go, the dreams of the universal mind.


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